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    Becoming a Favorite School, Iriawan Visits Marine Vocational High School 1 in Cidaun


    CIANJUR - Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan visits Vocational High School (SMK) 1 Cidaun in Cianjur Regency to ensure that the teaching and learning process and facilities in the school that are specific to the marine field run smoothly after being transfer of management by the provincial government. His arrival at the school was also one of his work to the South West Java region.

    "I want to ensure the facilities and learning here especially after the transfer of management by the provincial government," he said.

    Iriawan who was accompanied by the Head of the Provincial Education Office Jabar Ahmad Hadadi checked the school facilities one by one and immediately heard complaints and hopes from students, teachers, parents and community leaders who were waiting for him in the school hall. In that dialogue, students and teachers complained about the limited training place.

    "There are a number of things they convey, especially the training place and we will soon follow up," he said.

    This marine school is one of the favorite Vocational Schools in West Java. Schools based on the potential of this area since its establishment in 2003 have graduated 12 generations. The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015 even set it as a referral school.

    Iriawan said students graduating from SMK 1 Cidaun need not worry when looking for work. Because according to him, not many people have expertise, especially marine field. Plus private and government companies still need a lot of human resources in marine field.

    "Of course after graduation they have special expertise in the field of maritime affairs and fisheries which will easily find work because it is clear. in fact, many graduates work abroad," he said.

    "We will also help and direct for the jobs," added Iriawan.

    With the presence of favorite schools in the southern region of West Java that are far from the city center like in Cidaun, Iriawan hopes that parents do not have to send their children to urban areas. Because the West Java Provincial Government target is every single sub-district will have at least one excellent school.

    "The point is we complete what is lacking in each school, so that they do not have to go to the city, because in their surronding area is adequate, including the road infrastructure," he explained.

    On that occasion, Iriawan also had a dialogue with fishermen in Cidaun. One of the fishermen complained that his income was decreasing due to  the frequent of high waves which caused him to not be able to go to sea. Even though the wealth in the south sea of ??West Java is very abundant. Responding to this, his side will coordinate with North Maluku Provincial Government to establish cooperation. It is planned that fishermen in the Cidaun area will be taken to North Maluku to go to sea and be given training.

    "We know the south sea is quite big and the fishermen only go to the sea when the weather is good. Therefore we offer that if we want to improve our welfare we will coordinate with the North Maluku Provincial Government to work together so that our fishermen can emigrate there, but not to settle, only temporarily. This is a manifestation our attention to fishermen, "explained Iriawan.

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