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    Iriawan: Pay attention to the Spatial Development in the Geopark Region


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- The existence of the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark in Sukabumi Regency West Java attracts domestic and foreign tourists. Including attracting the interest of entrepreneurs and investors in establishing lodging and hotel buildings in the region.

    Responding to this, Daily Implementer (Pj) Governor of West Java M. Iriawan appealed to investors to pay attention to the building layout regulations in the tourist area.

    During this time, the Provincial Government (Provincial Government) of West Java has not received reports of several development companies that violate spatial planning. However, it will hand over fully to the local Regional Government (Pemda).

    "Of course the businessmen and investors in this region must pay attention to the layout of the building. Of course we will discuss it if there are buildings that violate the river and so on," he told reporters at Puncak Darma, Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu, Sukabumi Regency, Thursday (2/8/2018)

    The existence of several buildings in the area, it is suspected that before there are regulations regarding spatial patterns. He is also optimistic that the community around the tourist area will help to succeed in the development of the Geopark Citeltuh Palabuhanratu area.

    "Maybe the buildings were established before the regulations existed," he added.

    He hopes all parties follow the applicable regulations. Because, there is a special assessment from UNESCO so that when a violation occurs, the certificate of recognition from the UN agency will be revoked.

    "If there is a spatial violation, Unesco will revoke the certificate of recognition that has been given to the Ciletuh Palabuhanratu Geopark," he concluded. (Pun)

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