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    Visitors are Staying at Hotels in West Java increase


    BANDUNG-West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) informed that the Room Occupancy Rate (TPK) of Hotels in West Java in June 2018 reached 47.25 percent, up to 2.07 points.

    Head of BPS Jabar Doddy Herlando said, both TPK stars and non star hotels have increased. "To note, TPK Hotel conditions in West Java in May 2018 reached 45.18 percent," he said.
    Star hotel TPK in June 2018 amounted to 51.04 percent, up to 2.66 points compared to May 2018 TPK which reached 48.38 percent. The highest TPK according to the star rating of June 2018 was recorded in 2-star hotels at 62.02 percent. On the other hand, the lowest TPK was in 1-star hotels at 37.85 percent.

    While non-star hotel TPKs in June 2018 amounted to 29.78 percent, up 0.04 points compared to May 2018 which recorded 29.74 percent. The highest TPK for non-star hotels occurred in hotels with rooms <10 of 34.84 percent. Whereas the lowest non-star hotel TPK of 27.70 percent occurred in rooms> 40.

    The average length of stay of guests in June 2018 star hotels was 1.66 days and in non star hotels for 1.23 days. Foreign guests stay at star hotels for an average of 3.59 days and in non-star hotels for 1.14 days, while guests from Indonesia stay an average of 1.58 days in star hotels and 1.23 days in non-star hotels . Jo

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