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    Regional Regulation on Non-Smoking Areas, Regulating Not Eliminating


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government also has a role strategic to ensure he policy-making process in the regions have followed the rules and regulations invitation and in accordance with governance good and inclusive.

    This applies to regional regulations related to the Region No smoking (KTR). Currently, many KTR rules are excessive contained in regional regulations, including related smoking area. This rule is against
    the above rules, namely Government Regulation (PP) 109/2012. In the hierarchy of law, government regulation is above regional regulations. That's the rule regions must not be in conflict with regulations

    It was revealed in the "Media Discussion Area Without Cigarette Smoke: Questioning Regions Without Cigarettes, Arranging and Not Getting Rid of "held at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Bandung, Tuesday (31/7/2018).

    This discussion was attended by West Java DPRD Member Gatot
    Tjahyono, a social observer from Padjadjaran University (Unpad) Budi Rajab, with moderator Adi journalist Marsiela. Discussion of this cooperation Bandungkiwari.com with the Indonesian Tobacco Community Alliance (AMTI).  Budi Rajab highlights cigarettes from cultural or cultural aspects social. According to him, cigarettes are a part of the culture of Indonesian society. In a cigarette, there is a long process that starts with tobacco farmers, cigarette industry, cigarette factory workers, traders, and finally arrived at consumers.

    So do not be surprised by the emergence of rules about cigarettes, will pose challenges in the community, because it is related to the culture itself, especially tobacco farmers and the tobacco industry itself. Farmers tobacco in Indonesia large amount, for example in West Java such as Sumedang, Garut, then in Central Java, East Java, and others.

    With the availability of natural resources, no wonder if Indonesian people fall into the category of society heavy smokers. Tobacco is planted by farmers who are ideologically similar to rice farmers
    his life was mediocre. Their lives depend on tobacco farming income.

    "If the smoking ban is tight, many will get it to impact with the regulation. Because of tobacco products which are multilevel, from farmers to industry, there is labour, "said Budi Rajab. (Even)

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