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    BJB Quarter II Profit Reaches IDR 903 Billion


    BANDUNG-PT Regional Development Bank of West Java and Banten, Thk. (IDX: BJBR) recorded a good performance growth. The performance of bank Bjb in Quarter II of 20l8 succeeded to book a net profit of 903 billion rupiahs or grew by 9.2% year on year.

    The total assets of Bank BJB were recorded at IDR 113.4 trillion or grew by 4.5% year on year. Bank BJB also managed to channel loans with total loans of 72.3 trillion rupiahs.

    This is explained by the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the bank Bjb in analyst meeting event 202018 located at Glass House, Ritz Carlton Hotel Pacific Palace, Jakarta along with all Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and invited guests who are stock market analysts and parties other interests.

    In the Income Statement, Net Interest Income grew by 3.7% year on year, Fee-Based Income grew significantly by 20.3% year on year and CKPN's cost was reduced by 48.9% year on year.

    On the funding side, with the commitment of bank Bjb to continuously improve services to understand the people of Indonesia and supported by the development of good technology to facilitate customer transaction services quickly, bank Bjb managed to collect third-party funds (DPK) totalling 88.8 trillion rupiahs.

    Various important indicators in financial ratios are well preserved, where in addition to positive bank profitability, bank Bjb also consistently managed to maintain the level of efficiency and asset quality.

    "In the quarter II bank Bjb managed to record a very good net profit by reaching 903 billion or growing by 9.2% year on year, above the industry average of banking as of May 2018 which amounted to 7.7% year on year, and in the second quarter we managed to keep the NPL at level l, 6% better than the banking industry as of May 2018 which amounted to 2.79%, "said bank director BJB Ahmad Irfan.
    The growth of credit and deposits will adjust to the national economic situation so that the concern is how to keep credit growth and DPK can run well so we are more efficient in managing Asset and Liabilities.

    "Our target is a quality business and hopefully, bank Bjb will still exist in the future and can be included in the top 10 of national banks performing well," he added. Jo

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