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    2018 Asian Games, Government Public Relations in West Java Ready to Be Part of History


    BANDUNG-City and district governments in West Java are determined to help enliven and echo the grand event of the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang. The aim is not only for the positive image of the nation but also as a momentum to introduce West Java to the world.

    This became a collective agreement implied in the Joint Public Relations Coordination Meeting of the District / City in West Java, at Marbella Suites, Kab. Bandung, Tuesday-Wednesday (30/7-1 / 8/18). This annual coordination meeting took the theme "Asian Games as Opportunities for Optimizing Regional Branding".

    Head of the Publication Section of the West Java Regional Secretariat Public Relations and Protocol Azis Zulficar invited all West Java residents, especially local government public relations to play a role in enlivening this prestigious event. "Let's take part of history, this is our opportunity to introduce places, culinary, and culture of West Java to the international scene. At least we can post everything that is typical of their respective areas attached to the 2018 Asian Games," he said in Bandung, Wednesday (1/8/18).

    The Media & Public Relations of the Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC), Lucky Iskandar Mirza, who was the speaker of the coordination meeting said, West Java had a no less important role than Jakarta and Palembang. No less than nine venues and five sports were held in West Java. "Even the favourite sports, soccer, is held in West Java," he said.

    "World-class athletes from Asia will also be to Indonesia, for example, Son Heung-min, Korea's goalscorer to the German goal at the World Cup yesterday recorded will strengthen the Korean national team to Indonesia. Not to mention the foreign media that will enter and cover here. The eyes of the whole world will be on Jakarta, Palembang and West Java, "said Lucky.

    No wonder, according to Lucky, the Asian Games are the second biggest event after the Olympics.

    The welcoming of athletes, official, supporters, and the media in Asia at the 2018 Asian Games event is certainly not enough with just banners. The existence of volunteers / volunteers to spearhead the welcome to give a good impression to guests from other countries. INASGOC Human Resources and Volunteer Department member Tara Talitha as the second speaker said that 6,935 registered applicants were from West Java.

    "These are the ambassadors of the nation as well as ambassadors of West Java, so they can be provided with information from their respective local government public relations so they can tell more about their region," Tara said.

    Rakor Kehumasan this time utilized really by the participants who are the makers and implementers of public relations city/regency in West Java. Because in addition to the city of the district that is the venue for the venue, there are other areas in West Java that are the point of destination and the torch group (Torch Relay) is passed: Purwakarta (10-11 August 2018), Bandung (11-12 August 2018), Garut ( 12-13 August 2018), Cianjur (13-14 August 2018), and Bogor (14-15 August 2018).

    While the 2018 Asian Games venue in West Java includes soccer sports in Bekasi Regency, Bekasi City, Bogor Regency, Bandung Regency; paragliding competitio in Gunung Mas Puncak Bogor Regency; Kano Slalom in Majalengka; Mountain Bike Racing in Subang; Road Race in Subang.

    Head of Public Relations, Protocol and Administration of Sukabumi Regency, Risbandi, said that as a participant, he felt the benefits of this coordination meeting were mainly because many technical and non-technical questions related to the implementation of the 2018 Asian Games and their slices with public relations functions were answered. "This role is very important to West Java parallel with Jakarta and Palembang, this meeting also provides a solution how we can take advantage of the moment of the Asian Games to raise the popularity of the region," he said.

    The Joint Public Relations Coordination Meeting of the District / City of West Java 2018 presented speakers from the West Java Province Sports and Youth Office, the West Java Province Tourism and Culture Office, INASGOC, and academics at Padjadjaran University.

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