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    Narcotics, Iriawan: Prison or Grave!


    BANDUNG - Drugs, a nation threat. Circulation and abuse have become the problem of all countries in the world.

    So that the circulation of drugs included in the category of transnational crime (transnational crime). Narcotics circulation activities are also carried out in an organized manner with indiscriminately regardless of the victims (indiskriminatif), especially productive youth, including school-aged children.

    On that basis, West Java Governor H. Mochammad Iriawan acknowledged that International Anti Narcotics Day (HANI) 2018 is a momentum to show concern, concern, responsibility and determination to eradicate drug abuse and trafficking.

    So he said, every component of society and all stakeholders have an obligation to fight the narcotics circulation both in terms of circulation and eradication.

    "HANI, of course we commemorate every year We are concerned about the circulation of narcotics that exist in our country, especially in West Java," said Iriawan.

    There needs to be maximum determination, "said Iwan. If not prevented or eradicated, it is not impossible, narcotics circulation will increasingly high, threatening the future of the nation.

    "Narcotics is a world problem, the network is very powerful, we know some syndicates even controlling narcotics from within the prison, so they are not limited by space and motion," Iriawan said.

    There should be special handling so that narcotics do not develop, continued Iwan. The special strategy is the complete handling of supply reduction and demand reduction.

    Supply Reduction, that is breaking the supply chain of narcotics from the manufacturer to the network. While Demand reduction, namely breaking the chain of drug users.

    "Both of these things need to be supported by all parties, both Government, Law Enforcers, Communities, and most importantly Family Resilience," he explained.

    "For those who have never, do not try to use narcotics, if you have problems, do not run to narcotics, instead of solving problems, creating new problems," said Iriawan.

    From the data of BNN (Period from January to December 2017), 46,537 cases of drugs and 27 cases of Money Laundering Criminal Act (TPPU) are sourced from drug crimes in Indonesia.

    In the case, 58,365 people were arrested, the 34 TPPU suspects and 79 suspects were killed as a result of resistance during the prosecution.

    BNN has discovered 739 new psychoactive substances (NPS) reported by 106 countries and has also identified 68 NPS substances have entered Indonesia and circulated widely in the community.

    Estimated number of drug abuse more than 3 million people. In 2017 11,071 people die from drugs or 30 people per day.

    The estimated loss of national economic costs due to drugs in 2017 amounted to Rp 84.7 trillion (Rp 77.4 trillion for personal loss costs and Rp 7.27 trillion for social cost losses).

    West Java itself, continued Iriawan, became the province with the highest socioeconomic cost loss in Indonesia due to drug abuse, amounting to Rp 16.19 trillion. This is because the highest concentration of abuse in Indonesia is in West Java, and second in East Java Province is Rp 12.34 Trillion.

    West Java itself is the first highest province of drug abuse by 645,482, East Java of 492,157, and Central Java of 284,186.

    "Use Narcotics of his choice two, if not go to jail, enter the grave!" specifically.

    "Let us both fight against narcotics, hopefully everything is done as we expected," he said.

    Meanwhile, in the series HANI 2018 West Java Provincial Level, also carried out destruction of Narcotics Drug I type of shabu and marijuana seized from a number of cases handled in BNNP West Java.

    With the handling of the illicit narcotics traffics, then destroyed Narcotics type Shabu as much as ± 6,380.93 grams and narcotics type of Cannabis as much as ± 620,721.15 grams which is a success in the effort P4GN and became a real effort in saving the West Java citizens from the dangers of Abuse and illicit traffic Narcotics .

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