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    West Java Team Got 38 Medals in Pornas SOIna VIII / 2018 Riau


    BANDUNG-West Java contingent won third place in the title of National Sports Week (Pornas) VIII Special Olympic Indonesia (SOIna) 2018 Riau.

    In the event of national intellectual disability sport, the contingent Jabar managed to collect 38 medals consisting of 13 gold medals, 13 silver, and 12 bronze.

    Daily Implementer Governor of West Java (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan was grateful for the achievement. He was also grateful to the athletes, officials, coaches, parents athletes, also the SOIna Jabar boarders who have struggled to bring the name of West Java.

    "I am very proud of all who have scent the name of West Java in Pornas SOIna VIII / 2017 Riau yesterday," said Iriawan, while receiving the contingent SOIna Jabar, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (30/07/2018).

    At this four-year multi branch national scale event, West Java performs in 10 of the 12 sports competed, reinforced by around 71 athletes and 26 offisials. Two sports that are not followed by rhythmic gymnastics and football.

    "In the future, we should continue to practice, trainers learn from the advantages of each athlete deficiency in each sport," he said.

    In addition, Iriawan also asked SOIna West Java to continue looking for new athlete seeds. Iriawan also requested the organization SOIna Jabar strengthened, for solidnya achievement SOIna Jabar.

    The Special Olympic Indonesia (SOIna) Executive Chairman of West Java Province, Sri Hartini Sutjipto said, Pornas VIII SOIna in 2018 was held in Pekanbaru and Rumbai, Riau, from Thursday (19/07/2018) to Monday (23/07/2018).

    On Pornas VIII SOIna 2018, 12 sports are played at Athletics, Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Basketball, Bocce, Bowling, Badminton, Futsal, Handball, Soccer, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

    "Pornas VIII SOIna The year 2018 will be the selection of athletes who will represent Indonesia at the 2018 Special Olympics World Summer Games (SOWSG) event in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in March 2019," said Sri.

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