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    Iriawan Hopes The Volunteer of Asian Games 2018 will work optimally


    BANDUNG - Being a volunteer or volunteer in an event as big as the Asian Games, the second largest sporting event in the world after the Olympics, is a very rare opportunity, which is not necessarily repeated throughout life.

    "Therefore, the tagline of the Asian Games 2018 volunteers," Be Part Of History ", because this is really an opportunity for you to carve out history in personal life of each, even the history of the nation and state of Indonesia," said Daily Implementer Governor of West Java (Pj) West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan to volunteers at the Asian Games 2018 volunteer activity at Bale Asri Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai) Jabar, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Monday (30/07/2018).

    "The choice is, will the historical record that we will inculcate in the organization of the Asian Games in 2018 is a good history or a bad history?" Iriawan asked rhetorically.

    Indonesia Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee (INASGOC) will deploy around 4,300 volunteers at the 2018 Asian Games event. With details of volunteers to be deployed in West Java as many as 800 people, Jakarta and surrounding areas 2,000 people, and Palembang 1,500 people.

    Thousands of volunteers who mostly come from among the students and students will be placed in a number of venues. One venue will be approximately 20-30 people, soccer to 60 people, or according to the capacity and needs of each sport.

    The Volunteers are prepared for the success of every 2018 Asian Games sports competition, from before until after the game. "Show determination, passion and a strong will to contribute the best," said Iriawan.

    Because, he said, the performance of Volunteer can form a good image of Indonesia, and in the task is expected to scent the name of Indonesia. Volunteer must also be able to provide excellent service to the delegates, guests, spectators and promote tourism and all the goodness of the Indonesian Nation.

    "Because of that as an Asian Games volunteer you take great responsibility and need good preparation and hard work," he said.

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