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    Beware of Fake Fintech


    BANDUNG - The Task Force on the Suspect of Legal Action in the Field of Community Funds and Investment Management or Task Force Investments re-appealed to the public to be careful of the offering of Fintech peer to peer lending activities without Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) permission.

    Task Force Investigative Chairman Tongam L. Tobing said, under the Regulation of the Financial Services Authority Number 77 / POJK.01 / 2016, the peer to peer lending organizers must apply for registration and licensing to OJK.

    "However, the Investigative Task Force finds that 227 entities conducting peer to peer lending business are not registered or do not have a business license in offering fintech peer to peer lending products which potentially harm society," Tongam said in a press release to reporters on Saturday (28/07 )

    According to him, the Investment Alert Task Force has called the entity and asked all entities that are not registered to:

    Stop peer to peer lending activities
    Removes all bidding and borrowing money applications
    Complete all obligations to users Immediately submit an application to OJK
    Providing protection to consumers and society on an ongoing basis,
    The Investment Alert Task Force asks the community not to engage in activities with the unauthorized entity because it is not under OJK supervision and has the potential to harm the community.

    "We will routinely convey information about unlicensed Fintech peer to peer lending companies. In addition, the participation of the community is very necessary, especially to not be a participant in the activities of the unlicensed entity, "he said.

    Information about the registered list of fintech peer to peer lending entities with OJK permits can be accessed through www.ojk.go.id.

    If you find a suspicious fintech peer to peer lending offer, the public may report to OJK Consumer Services 157, consumer email@ojk.go.id or waspadainvestasi@ojk.go.id. (jo)

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