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    Giving a Compensation While Inaugurating


    SUMEDANG-The Head of Indonesian Women Sports (PERWOSI) of West Java, R. Giselawati Mizwar inaugurated Hj. Ani Zaenal, S. KM, M. AP as the head of PERWOSI of Sumedang District for the period 2015-2019 in the Sumedang State Building, on Monday (29/2).
    Several figures also attended the event, which are the Vice Regent of Sumedang as the Protector of PERWOSI of the district of Sumedang, H. Ir. Eka Setiawan, Dipl. Ing, the Regional Assistant of the District of Sumedang, Zaenal Alimin, the Head of KONI Sumedang District, the committee of PERWOSI Sumedang District and the branches committee of PERWOSI Sumedang District.
    R. Giselawati Mizwar in her speech stated that she hopes the committee of PERWOSI in Sumedang District can cooperate well with the women organisations in Sumedang District, the main organisation, the sports and the KONI Sumedang District to improve the knowledge and ability of the athletes in accomplishing the great achievement in order to prepare the athletes for PON XIX 2016 that will be held in West Java. This is also a part in order to make West Java as the champion in PON XIX.
     “In this occasion, I also want to say that the committee of Central PERWOSI have created a program called Fit Gymnastics for Indonesia Children (SBAI) that is intended for the children in school. In the 49th anniversary of PERWOSI this year, there will be competition in the provincial PERWOSI and before that there will be a training program for the instructor. I hope that the committee of PERWOSI of the District of Sumedang will join the training that we hold so what they learned during the training can be taught to the sports teacher in school in the district of Sumedang,” said her.
    The appearance of West Java PERWOSI in the district of Sumedang is not only for inauguration event of PERWOSI committee in Sumedang District but they also bring a social program which consists of giving a compensation in the form of foods and money to the children in Al- Qolam Sumedang Foundation that is located in Gunung Puyuh Street, Sawahlega Village, Margamekar, South Sumedang and also giving the foods to the Amalia Bhakti Special School in Congeang Kulon Village, in the sub-district of Congeang, Sumedang District.
     “Even though the main task of PERWOSI is supervising the women’s sports, the other activities such as the community service to help the people who need it is also important for us,” she explained.
    The visit of West Java PERWOSI to the Sumedang District was finished by visiting the industry of Oded Fried Opak in Congeang main road in the Sumedang District.


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