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    BNNP West Java Confiscated Circulation of 600 kg of Marijuana and 6 kg of Cristal Meth


    BANDUNG-National Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNNP) West Java managed to secure the drug type weighing 600 kg and meth  as much as 6 kg. The two illicit goods are the result of the capture period of April-July 2018.

    Section Head of Prison Monitoring and Evidence BNNP West Java Hefi Hanafi explains, the four cases that successfully revealed is a network of illicit drug trafficking of drugs and marijuana types that conduct illegal trafficking in the region of Bekasi and Bogor.

    "There are 10 perpetrators arrested, the average arrested in Bogor and Bekasi," he told reporters in the parking lot west of the building Sate Bandung, Monday (30/7/2018).

    The modus operandi of the perpetrators by bringing narcotics from Sumatra either by using specially prepared or modified and self-transported vehicles (LKN 07), using couriers (LKN 05 & 06), or by using the Service Delivery Package (LKN 08) mode.

    "Yes, The mode of distribution of the forbidden goods is still the same. There are unique in socks but it was also revealed several times, then there are also placed in laptops and through express warning expedition," he explained.

    While the arrest process is based on reports from the public, then an investigation is developed. Finally, they want to admit that there are drug dealers who control the perpetrators. After that, the process of catching. "Drug trafficking has been caught in Bogor," he said.

    He said that two regions in West Java, namely Bogor and Bekasi, were the circulation places for illicit goods such as methamphetamine and marijuana. The reason, the two big cities is a buffer of the capital of Jakarta. "Two places that night entertainment are quite a lot. They distribute drugs there," he said.

    Hepi said by revealing the narcotics traffickers of marijuana and methamphetamine types is a success in P4GN efforts. "This is a real effort in saving the people of West Java from the dangers of drug use and illicit trafficking," he concluded. (Pun)

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