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    Daily Implementer of Governor Open the XII POPDA West Java


    BANDUNG - Regional Student Sports Week (Popda) West Java to XII Year 2018, Monday (30/07), in SOR Arcamanik Bandung, opened directly by the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan.

    According to M. Iriawan, Popda is the peak coaching of athletes of early age, especially those who still have the status of students, which incidentally is the seeds of elite athletes of West Java in the future.

    "Almost all of the senior elite athletes of West Java, who are now able to achieve achievements in various national and international championships, have followed the Popda event like this in their teenage years," he said.

    M. Iriawan said the student athletes who achieve the highest achievement in Popda arena is a great opportunity to strengthen the contingent of athletes of students of West Java, at the event of National Student Sport Week (POPNAS) to XV Year 2019 in Papua.

    "In the previous Popnas event, namely to XIII in 2015 in Bandung, the Contingent student athletes Contest won the champion title for the first time and that achievement can be maintained at POPNAS XIV 2017 in Central Java," he said.
    M. Iriawan stated that the achievements that have been carved by the seniors can be continued by the new generation by defending the title of General Champion of Popmas for the third time.

    "If your senior can, then you must be can. As long as you reach the highest achievement in Popda, then continue to practice hard and diligently tirelessly to face the National Sports Week (PON) XX Year 2020 in Papua," he said .

    M. Iriawan asserted that the purpose of the implementation of Popda like this is not only the achievement of sports achievement, but also the purpose of character education, discipline, hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship among students, as well as the spirit of unity and unity.

    "The sporting event is only a means to compete solely, but also a vehicle to build a spirit of togetherness and kinship among fellow participants to maintain sportsmanship, because the achievement without sportsmanship is a false achievement," he concluded. (Parno)

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