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    This Five Innovations Jabar Have a Chance to Reach Back Budhipura


    JAKARTA - Five leading commodity-based science and technology development of Regional Innovation System (SIDa) West Java opportunity to win the award of Budhipura Award from the Ministry of Ristekdikti. The five leading commodities are the acceleration innovation of potato seed production, genetic engineering innovation in Marwana (Wanayasa), innovation technology of dry aging of pasundan beef into premium meat, tractor pack innovation in hilly land and kongflakes innovation: functional food replacement of flour.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa presented the five innovations in front of the judging team on the assessment of the award of Science and Technology 2018 at the office of the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Friday (27/07/2018). For now, Jabar entered the top five nominees winning Budhipura along with five other provinces. The Budhipura award will be given at the peak of the 23rd National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas) event in Riau on August 10, 2018.

    Iwa revealed, the innovation system has been applied and developed in West Java in various sectors in accordance with the potential of the region. Leading commodities in the region are currently focused on the economic growth of the community through the use of technology, among others in the fields of agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and machinery to increase productivity and value added products.

    "We in West Java have applied science and technology-based needs as a solution to accelerate development," said Iwa.

    The application of innovation in these five leading commodities has shown results, among others, on the acceleration of production of seed potatoes, shortening production time 16 times shorter, productivity increased 9.6 times higher and seed prices to be twice cheaper.

    The technological innovation of dry aging of Pasundan beef into premium meat can improve the quality and price of meat so that there is a market shift from traditional market to hotel, restaurant and cathering. While on the innovation tracktor pack in hilly land, it's able to improve efficiency in soil processing and re-spawn SMEs machining spares.

    Innovation kongflakes (functional food substitute flour) increase value added cassava commodity by 70% and the availability of alternative food for autism and grow new IKM in West Java (Jabar). For genetic engineering innovations in goldfish (race Wanayasa) can increase the growth of 100% and resistant to disease.

    "West Java provincial government has consistently set policies and run this innovation program to improve regional competitiveness," said Iwa.

    According to him, the results of these innovations have succeeded in leveraging the progress of science and technology to increase productivity, reduce production costs, increase value added products and create new jobs.

    West Java Provincial Government has been awarded Budhipura three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. For the year 2017 science and technology-based innovations that have been awarded the  catfish, catfish sangkuriang, java preanger coffee, indigofera plant and chicken cultivation sentul. Iwa optimistic, in Hakteknas 2018 this Jabar again will repeat the success by grabbing Budhipura the fourth time.

    "Insyaallah we will get back Budhipura this year," said Iwa.

    Budhipura is an award given to the provincial government as an appreciation for the development of science and technology based innovation in various fields.

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