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    Three Proposals of West Java For Ciliwung River Revitalization


    JAKARTA-West Java Provincial Government proposes three steps to revitalize the Ciliwung River. Proposed improvements made through the management of water resources.

    The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan said that the improvement through revitalization of water resources can be done through three things, including:

    First, integration of revitalization activities from upstream to downstream; Second, structural and non-structural handling; and Third, through cross-sectoral coordination and integration of institutional and socio-cultural aspects.

    "We have to integrate activities from upstream to downstream, we can not stand alone, from upstream to downstream sustainable for the management of the existing water resources," said Iriawan in the Ciliwung River Basin Management Meeting at the Secretariat of the National Resilience Board (Wantannas), Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 15, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/7/18).

    "We involve all these there, local people to be really aware of the existence of the river around it," he continued.

    In addition, Iriawan also proposed that there is socialization, supervision, and control of illegal buildings. Like the villa buildings in the upstream area of ??Bogor Regency.

    "This should be our common concern, how villa owners who are not in place to establish a villa, should be aware that they donate their mistakes to the society, so there are problems that exist in Jakarta and around them," said Iriawan in his presentation before Secretary General of the National Defense Council of Lieutenant General Doni Monardo.

    "There should be social sanctions, villa owners are announced continuously, both in the media, social media then on TV and so on," he suggested.

    The Ciliwung River Basin is one of the 13 watersheds categorized in a critical condition. The total area of ??347 sq km of rivers or 34,700 hectares. While the main river length is 124.1 km. Its location is in two provinces, one district, and seven cities.

    The upstream Ciliwung watershed reached 15,075.5 hectares located in Bogor Districts and Bogor City. The Ciliwung watershed is 15,706.1 hectares in the Bogor District , Bogor City, Depok City, and Bekasi City. Meanwhile, the 6.295.5 hectares of downstream Ciliwung watershed is located in DKI Jakarta Province.

    While the problems faced in the Ciliwung River, the existence of improper forest management policies, weak law enforcement, and land conversion

    forests into plantations. In addition, other issues such as logging and illegal mining, less effective forest management, densely populated settlements such as housing and villas, and land tenure conflicts.

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