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    APBD FY 2017 Increases, This Parliament Notes For West Java Provincial Government


    BANDUNG-The Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) of West Java Province approved the Raperda on Accountability for the Implementation of Regional Budget (APBD) of West Java Province Fiscal Year (FY) 2017. Plenary meeting of DPRD Jabar on Wednesday (25/07/2018) that the income and expenditure of West Java Province increased compared to 2016.

    Jabar DPRD Budget Agency Report read Jabar Member Legislative Member Jabar Yod Mintaraga mentions regional revenue in FY 2017 has been realized for Rp 32 Trillion more or 102% more than the target set of Rp 31 Trillion more. There is an increase compared to the Budget Year 2016 reached 100.4% more that is Rp 27 Trillion more. This achievement can be an indication of the growing economic development in West Java.

    "Basically, the increase of locally-generated revenue (PAD) in macro scale can be used as an indication of economic development in West Java, because revenue originating from PAD is conceptually based on economic growth of the community and very closely related to the development of a region," said Yod.

    While the regional spending in FY 2017 realized Rp 32 Trillion more or 95% of the target set amounted to Rp 34 Trillion more. This achievement increased compared to FY 2016 realized 93.66% or Rp 27 Trillion more. Although it increase from the previous year, but the achievement of regional spending that has not reached the target of 100% noted from the DPRD for the West Java Provincial Government.

    Budget Agency DPRD Jabar rate that the quality of planning and implementation of local spending is still less than the maximum. Several things to be noted in the realization of the plan include some activities that the results are not maximized, physical development activities and infrastructure has a high dependence on the situation and conditions in the field, and not optimal target dividend income from Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) currently there. To that end, the Budget Agency of West Java DPRD hopes the West Java Provincial Government to better finalize the planning activities to be implemented.

    specifically related BUMD, Budget Agency DPRD Jabar concluded that there are still some BUMD which is considered less contribute to PAD. Therefore, it is necessary to review the performance of BUMD that is less productive.

    In addition, in order to improve the performance of BUMD, the Budget Agency of West Java DPRD asked the executive to improve the efforts of fostering and strict supervision in fixing the problem BUMD, so that the BUMD is more focused on the business that really gives profit to the company and in accordance with the business plan that already made.

    "We ask the Provincial Government of West Java and related officials that in the future there is a careful planning of the activities to be implemented," said Yod Mintaraga.

    "Regarding the income earned from the BUMD, there are still some BUMDs that have not contributed to PAD, while the capital budgeting budget provided through the APBD is quite large. Indeed the purpose of BUMD not only to obtain PAD, but there is a social service side there. In connection with this, to optimize the performance needs to be reviewed for unproductive BUMD, "he explained.

    Responding to the approval of Raperda on the Responsibility for the Implementation of APBD FY 2017, the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan is very grateful to the West Java DPRD who has carefully examined the draft of this responsibility, so that West Java can retain unqualified opinion (WTP) from BPK RI for the seventh time in a row.

    According to him, accountability report APBD West Java Province FY 2017 is a manifestation of budget accountability, which is one of the principles in the management of regional finances.

    "With the approval of Rapenda on the accountability of the implementation of APBD of Fiscal Year 2017, we have juridically fulfilled the responsibilities of regional heads, as mandated in Article 31 of Law Number 17 Year 2003 on State Finance, reaffirmed in Article 320 of Law Number 23 Year 2014 Local Government, "said Iriawan.

    "Although personally I am the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor is not directly involved in the implementation of West Java Provincial Budget in 2017, but on behalf of West Java Provincial Government, let me convey my gratitude to the honorable council, who has been seriously doing the observation, sharpening , and improvements to the draft budget implementation of APBD for Fiscal Year 2017, "he continued.

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