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    Distribution of Hunger Disaster Relief from Ministry of Social Affairs


    BANDUNG - The Ministry of Social RI team has gradually channeled Hunger Disaster Relief to the Mausu Ane, Maneo Low Land, North East Seram Kobi Subdistrict, Central Maluku District.

    Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat, said the team moved from the Integrated Post of Handling of the Hunger Epidemic in Morokai Village to the temporary gathering point of the Maneo people. The road to the location is taken using a double cabin vehicle through a steep terrain, dirt roads and rivers as high as an adult's knee.

    "The team was deployed as a quick response to the hunger disaster caused by the pig and rat attack their plantations," said Harry in his official statement in Bandung on Saturday (28/07/2018).

    Harry said that the task of the Ministry of Social Affairs includes identifying sick people, recording the dead families, compiling chronology of events, distributing logistical support, and identifying their short and long term needs.

    The village of Morokai is the nearest village to the location of the settlement of the Low Maneo State. The Integrated Command Post established in this village is the center of cross-sector coordination as well as the point of reducing the various aid to be channeled to Maneo residents.

    In addition to the Ministry of Social Affairs, there are also participating in the group are the personnel of the TNI, Police, BPBD Maluku, various elements of volunteers, and Chief of Morokai Village who acts as a local language translator.

    Harry said the Ministry of Social Affairs as many as seven people consisted of several units of work namely Isolated Indigenous Communities (KAT), Social Protection Victims of Natural Disasters, Social Protection Social Disaster Victims, and Social Counseling Center. Plus personnel from Maluku Provincial Social Service, Social Office of Central Maluku District, and Disaster Alert Taruna (Tagana).

    "As the Minister of Social Affairs has always emphasized that in case of disaster, the people affected must be given the highest priority of handling, so for the short term, the logistics aid has been distributed by the TAGANA Maluku Province team together with the local social service," he said.

    As is known, as many as 10 personnel of TAGANA Maluku Province together with the Social Service of Maluku Province and Social Office of Central Maluku District distributed logistic support. 1 ton of rice, 190 mattresses, 270 blankets, 35 children's toy packages, 60 packages for the elderly, 45 packages of baby gear, 90 side dishes, cooking utensils (pots, pans, plates, cups) , 45 units of roll tents.

    "Logistic assistance from the Ministry of Social has begun to be distributed. We also ask KAT Officers from Central and Tagana to guide and assist residents in processing food such as rice and side dishes, "he said. (Jo)

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