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    Tightens Cooperation, BRI hands over Vehicle Operational Operations for Unla


    BANDUNG-Cooperation of financial management between BRI and Langlangbuana University (Unla) continues to be strengthened by the two educational institutions with the banking, one with the help of a unit of educational operational vehicles from BRI to Unla.

    Deputy Head of Business Division of BRI Kakanwil Bandung, Agung Setiabudi said, the form of cooperation in the form of educational operational aid aims to provide convenience for Unla in carrying out various activities throughout the academic community.

    "Our partnership with our CSR program is 1 unit of four-wheeled vehicles as an educational operational aid worth Rp 453 million," Agung said after the handover of operational aid at Unla Campus on Friday (27/07).

    Agung hopes that the operational support for this education can be maximally utilized, as the trust given by Unla to BRI to manage the finances, starting from the salary management of its employees, SPP to the plan of making student card and employee card which later function as Brizzi (electronic money).

    "In accordance with the agreement, in the future we will make a name tag and Student Identity Card (KTM) which also serves as electronic money that can be for shopping or Toll payment," he said. (Parno)

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