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    Home Minister Grants IPDN Graduates Force XXV Equipped with Mental Revolution Material


    JATINANGOR-Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahjo Kumolo said, graduates of the Institute of Internal Administration (IPDN) Force XXV equipped with material of mental revolution. As is known, IPDN campus has been designated as a campus driving the mental revolution. So IPDN graduates are none other than the cadres driving the mental revolution. Tjahjo also hoped that as a cadre driving the mental revolution, IPDN graduates can describe Nawa Cita and Trisakti programs.

    "They also have cooperated with TNI (Indonesian Army) and Polri (Indonesian National Police) and all components of the nation to build nation and state through Pancasila Ideology, 1945 Constitution, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, and the guardian of the unity of NKRI," said the Minister of Home Affairs to reporters at IPDN Campus, Jatinangor, Friday (27/7 / 2018).

    As is known, as many as 1,456 students will be inducted into Pamong Praja Muda. The inauguration was done directly by the President of RI Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

    According to Tjahjo, IPDN graduates graduated from the President are the best sons and daughters from all over Indonesia. They graduated after 4 years of education with the system of Teaching, Training and Parenting (Jarlatsuh).

    "The IPDN graduates have been educated by placement in 8 IPDN campuses with gathering, scattering and gathering patterns," he said.

    They will then be placed in their assignment area with the provincial cross system.

    "The IPDN graduates are the NKRI Adhesives apparatus, the IPXP graduates of XXV force will be placed in the assignment area with the provincial cross system, according to the direction of President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla," he said.

    During his education at the civil service campus, said Tjahjo, they have been equipped with knowledge and theory of governance and the formation of mental personality. The current IPDN graduates have also implemented one, two, three, and four field practices. They have also undergone the Bhakti Karya Praja and KKN (Community Service) Programs.

    "The IPDN graduates have also conducted field practice to build community houses to be habitable and the administrative arrangement of village, village and sub-district administration," said Tjahjo.

    In addition, during the IPDN, Tjahjo said, the teams are equipped with the latest national strategic policy materials. Briefing by KPK leaders, Head of BNN, Commander of TNI and Kapolri. And briefing on regional strategic policy by successful governors and regents or mayors.

    "So today is a happy day inauguration of 1,456 civil service officers who will be inaugurated by the President of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo," he said.

    Tjahjo added in the inauguration, awarded to the best graduates. For S1 program, the best graduate award will be given to Adnan Handaru Anpio Tikoto, a praja origin of Lampung Province. He became the recipient of Kartika Pradnya Utama. While the best graduates of D-IV Program on Puspita Dewi Pratiwi Fitrah, praja from South Sulawesi. (Pun)
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