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    Aher Regrets the Cancellation of Cilamaya Development by the Central Govt


    JAKARTA- Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) asked the port construction that replacing the port construction in Cilamaya should be released immediately.

    There is no big infrastructure such as port in Karawang area, Bekasi, until Subang which has influence of gross domestic recording in West Java that was always defeated by Jakarta and East Java.
    Heryawan stated in national dialogue between OJK-Indonesian Business with theme "Meningkatkan Peran Sektor Keuangan Dalam Percepatan Pembangunan Daerah" in Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (29/2/16).
    He said that officer has been proposing complain to Central Statistic Institution (BPS) regarding the recording of Gross Domestic Product and Gross Regional Domestic Product. It is because in recent times, Income Tax and Export Tax Industry Agency in West Java are always recorded in Jakarta.
    “Therefore, I really regret that Cilamaya is cancelled to be built by government, that’s why the alternate of Cilamaya port should be built immediately, so the cost is fair,” He said when welcomed the audience.
    He argued that the calculation of Gross Domestic Product and Gross Regional Domestic Product of West Java to centre is accurate, then that province will be supreme because 60% manufacture industry placed stayed in West Java.







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