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    Resolute Acts of Warden Smuggled Electronic Goods in Prisons


    BANDUNG-The existence of electronic goods in the cell Penitentiary (LP) allegedly because there are unscrupulous guards who smuggle it. As said by Head of Detention (Rutan) Bandung, Budiman, in his statement in Rutan Bandung, Jl. Canal Jakarta, Bandung, Wednesday (25/07).

    "Based on Permenhumham in 2016, in the LP cells only allowed mattresses and small closets where the clothes of the assisted citizens, while electronic devices are prohibited. Election of electronic goods in the cell, allegedly there are unscrupulous guards who smuggle it," said Budiman.

    According to Budiman, electronic goods are forbidden to be brought into the cell LP or Rutan, therefore based on the warrant, it was doing raids in all rooms Rutan Bandung.

    "From the raids, we found 53 televisions in the room, dispenser, rice cooker, gas stove and other goods, I do not know for sure since when the goods are in the cell because the new duty for three months," he said.

    Budiman asserted, it has committed to firmly crack down on guards who proved to violate the rules by entering items outside after the rules into the cell.

    "There is no more tolerance for naughty officers by entering goods beyond the rules," he asserted, "we are committed that things like this never to happen again.

    Budiman said, the electronic goods in these cells, voluntarily handed over directly by the assisted citizens after his side approached them.

    "After a voluntary approach, the members of the community have handed over the goods," he said. (Parno)

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