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    Governor of West Java Have a Voice in Determining Unpad Rector 2019-2024


    BANDUNG-UNPAD is preparing to held a rector election for the period 2019 to 2024. The team selection has been formed while the crawl process opened from 6 August.

    "This will be the 12th rector for Unpad," said Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Unpad, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dr. Erri N. Megantara during a press conference at Unpad Executive Lounge, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35 Bandung, Wednesday (25/7).
    Unlike the previous mechanism, currently the rector's election was conducted by the MWA. Of the 17 MWA members, only 15 members have the right to vote. Two members who do not have the right to vote are the Chair of the Academic Senate and the rector.

    The eligible MWA members include the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Governor of West Java, as well as representatives of lecturers, communities, alumni, students, and education personnel.

    "Of these 15, the minister's voice is still different from the others. So still get the proportion of 35% of the votes from the Minister, "explained Prof. Eri.

    Prof. Eri explained that according to Unpad's statute, Rector's election prioritizes deliberation. If deliberation is not reached, a vote will be held.

    In its implementation, the MWA has established a Rector Election Committee (PPR) that will carry out technical elections, ranging from facilitating, socializing, until the implementation of plenary sessions. Members of the committee amounted to 11 people, including representatives of the Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, lecturers, students, alumni, and education personnel.

    "So the nature of this committee is that implementing, not giving or issuing a policy," said Prof. Eri.

    More information about the requirements of Unpad Rector Candidates can be found at http://pilrek.unpad.ac.id/. jo

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