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    Bandung Handles Illegal Levies In Education


    BANDUNG-Task Force (Satgas) Clean Sweep of Illegal Levies (Saber Pungli) Bandung prioritize socializing the eradication of illegal pungli in the education city of Bandung, following the vulnerability of illegal pungli in educational institutions.

    Vice Chairman of Satgas Saber Pungli Bandung, Kamalia Purbani said, based on the records of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in 2017 mentioned there were 31 thousand reports that went to Satgas Saber Pungli, most of the reports occurred in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

    "Mostly in Kemendikbud, followed by other ministries, the issues reported are community services, law, education, licensing, and staffing," Kamalia explained during the socialization of Saber Pungli, which was attended by 240 participants at the Bandung City Hall Multipurpose Room (25/07) ).

    Kamalia stated, Satgas Saber Pungli Bandung set educational stakeholders to be the first time get socialization, moreover some time ago the schools of Bandung just finished doing the process of New Student Acceptance (PPDB) 2018.

    "So we prioritize this case PPDB socialized it to educational stakeholders," he said.

    According to Kamalia, not only in the education sector, Saber Pungli will also eradicate the illegal practices in a number of public service sectors, especially in the territoriality, as the team suspects there are still illegal levies in public services.

    "On the 15th of August 2018 the socialization will be for territorial, we suspect there are still illegal practices such as in the making of ID card, followed by tax permitting service, population and Transportation Department," he said.

    Kamalia hopes that with this socialization, stakeholders and public service providers can more understand the limits of illegal levies and legal sanctions that are the consequences.

    "Our hope, the participants can know what to do and not to do related to levies and committed to realize clean government," he said. (Parno)a

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