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    M. Iriawan: The Sundanese Must Keep the Sundanese Philosophy


    BANDUNG- "Silih asah, silih asih, silih asuh" is a term that is born from the wisdom of the Sundanese people, and is not unfamiliar to the Sundanese people because it has become a philosophy of life that must continue to be earthed wherever and whenever that is a unity of attitudes, values ??and lifestyle that must be imbued by society in running their lives for the realization of society strong, intelligent, egalitarian and spread each other's love.

    "In Sunda, there is silih asah, silih asih and silih asuh, I add silih wawangi, mutually support each other to support so many people of Sundanese are in the national arena, national figures both formal and informal is our hope," said the daily implementer of West Java, Governor Mochamad Iriawan.

    In his speech at the 105 birthday Pasundan Association celebration, Saturday (28/07), M Iriawan hoped with this philosophy will be realized as well as a sense of optimism Sundanese people everywhere who always maintain a sense of courtesy to others.

    "Indeed the Sundanese are polite, punten abdi ti payun, we turn into hapunten abdi tipayun, (sorry I am ahead of), that's polite Sundanese, many succumb, give in for good is good, but succumb to our competition do not budge," he said.

    M. Iriawan added that there are various efforts that can be done by the Sundanese to make them better and to advance the Sundanese in various sectors of life in society both nationally and also. international.

    "The effort for the Sundanese is one of them with this event, and we encourage in other places where many Sundanese with their respective fields, both in NTB and other regions," he concluded. (Parno)

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