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    Bank Indonesia (BI) and Banking Hold a Campaign of the National Payment Gateway (GPN)


    BANDUNG - Bank Indonesia along with banks will hold a campaign of the National Payment Gateway (GPN) with the weekly exchange activities of GPN logo cards at 17 points across the archipelago which also represents the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Campaigns are held simultaneously on Sunday (29/08) followed by card redemption activities from 30 July to 3 August 2018 to provide the opportunity to people to exchange their Automated teller machines (ATM) / Debit bank cards into GPN logo cards.

    Particularly in West Java, the GPN campaign was held today, Saturday (28/07), yesterday simultaneously with the opening of the Sports Week and Banking Arts (PORSEBANK) in cooperation with the Regional Banking Consultative Body (BMPD).

    Head of Economic Advisory and Development Group Representative Office of Bank Indonesia West Java Ismet Inono expects, with this program people no longer have to have many cards to transact and payment processing infrastructure (EDC) can be spread more evenly not only in big cities which will eventually improve the efficiency of time and cost.

    "In accordance with the theme of the campaign "GPN Unifying National Payment Transactions", with the GPN community no longer have to have many cards to transact," he said.

    In addition, according to Ismet, GPN does not need to worry about data security because all processes are done domestically through the domestic network (ATM Bersama, Prima, Alto, and Link).

    "With GPN people can also enjoy cheaper administrative costs because all processing is done in the domestic and banks are not charged logo license fees," he said.

    For the region of West Java, GPN campaign activities and card exchanges will be conducted for one week from 28 July to 3 August 2018 in 22 places including Car Free Day Dago in the parking lot BCA Dago, various universities such as Parahyangan University, Padjadjaran University, Bandung Institute of Technology , government offices such as The Tourism Office, DGH, Customs, Ministry of Religious Affairs and other places. The event will work with 16 banks, namely BCA, BJB, BJB Syariah, BNI, BNI Syariah, BNP, BRI, BSM, BTN, Bukopin, Citibank, Danamon, Mandiri, Mandiri Taspen, OCBC NISP and Woori Saudara.

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