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    Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Attends Birthday of Pasundan Association


    BANDUNG - Daily Implementer of West Java, Governor Mochamad Iriawan attended the birthday of Pasundan Association 105 which was centred at Pasundan Association Office, Saturday (28/07).

    "I congratulate the Pasundan Association to 105 before independence has been formed," said M. Iriawan in his speech.

    The daily implementer of West Java Governor stated that his party encouraged Pasundan Association to take part, especially in the field of culture and education, which is now a lot of Pasundan Association who became the big man, one of them Chairman of Judicial Commission, there is also in America quite prominent.

    "I hope as Pasundan people can take part in the national arena, because we are quite a lot of people, so it is natural that we want the figures of Sundanese in the National," he said.

    According to M Iriawan, if there is a Sundanese who can take part in national and international level will certainly be able to advance West Java.

    "If anyone goes forward, we support to participate in promoting West Java people, Sundanese people, the hope that I convey to us many people so it is natural if there is a forward in the national arena," he concluded. (Parno)

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