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    Aher Asks KORPRI to Actively Role in the Community


    BANDUNG-As the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), the Indonesian Civil Servants Corps (KORPRI) have asked for more active role in the community directly, such as for education and other social issues. This was an important as part of the embodiment form of the 1945 Constitution (UUD 1945) article 34 which stated that the poor and abandoned children were cared by the State.

    It was submitted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, during opened the Provincial Discussion (Musprov) VIII KORPRI West Java Province in Mason Pine Hotel Kotabaru Parahyanagn, Padalarang, West Bandung regency, on Monday night (02/29/16). Aher said that today there were many social issues, such as abandoned children who have not gotten their rights as citizens.

    To that end, Aher wants ASN can be more active in helping deprived children in West Java. He cited this can be done through the children care program which based on the community (PABM). It can be done by parenting in each citizen and taking care of the unaccompanied children in West Java.

    "Too many social problems have not been resolved, such as there are thousands of children who have not gotten their rights as citizens. It’s due to the poverty, either because their parents can not access the economy progress or because their parents working away to abroad. They were displaced and it must be resolved with the initiation program called PABM,” Aher said in his speech.

    "Because in Article 34 mentioned that 'The poor and abandoned children were cared by the State'. But todays, ASN as the state civilian apparatus has not performed well in whole, and there are still many displaced. Let’s realise programme for the things may be unresolved by the OPD program. You can visit the community to see what the real development have not completed,” Aher spoke in front of the workshop participants.

    Aher also asked the relevant OPD such as Social Department and Education Department through the ASN in West Java to create development programs that can be felt by the community directly.

    The 7th Musprov of KORPRI West Java itself where started on 29 February to 1 March 2016 at Mason Pine Hotel Kotabaru Parahyangan, West Bandung Regency. With its main agenda to assess the accountability report of the KORPRI Governing Council of West Java Province in period 2010-2015, and to select and assign the Chairman and Board member of the KORPRI West Java Province in period 2016-2021.

    These meeting were attended by 200 participants, consisting of 6 participants from national member delegation of the Civil Servants Corps, 13 of the KORPRI Governing Council West Java province, 108 KORPRI Unit of West Java Province, 54 from Regency/City member delegation of the KORPRI, and 19 from the Governing Council KORPRI Secretariat West Java Province. The theme was taken in this meeting, namely "Through the 7th KORPRI Deliberation, We Improve the Korsa Mentality to Achieve Professional ASN”.

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