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    Governor of West Java Selected Forming Team Synchronization


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Election Commission (KPUD) to appoint Governor and Vice Governor of West Java Selected results of Regional Head Election 2018. The determination made in the Open Plenary Meeting Stipulation of Elected Candidate Pair of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java Year 2018 at West Java Provincial KPU Office, Jl. Garut No. 11, Bandung City, Tuesday (24/7/18).

    In his speech as Governor and Vice Governor Selected of West Java 2018-2023, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum admitted his side has formed a synchronization team. This team to make adjustment work program between the vision and the mission of the elected governor and vice governor with the program of West Java Provincial Government which have been going on.

    "We have also formed a synchronization team, solely for the big things to small can running smoothly. Incidentally, the chairman (Team Synchronization) is Mr Eri Riana Harjapamengkas, West Java figure, "said Ridwan Kamil (Emil) in his speech accompanied Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    For that, Emil requested that his side can coordinate with the West Java Provincial Government and West Java Parliament. This is related to the adjustment of the Local Government Work Plan (RKPD) with the vision of the mission of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java Selected 2018-2023.

    "Let us read the Regulation of the Minister of Domestic Affairs No. 22 of 2018. The point is that even though we have not yet been sworn in, these selected couples are welcome to coordinate the work plan adjustment (RKPD) so that 2019 a sustainability of the program plan that includes our political rights as an elected spouse" says, Emil.

    "Based on the legal rights granted by the state, even though we have not yet been sworn in, we have permission to face (to the Governor and Chairman of West Java DPRD) to convey the key ideas, the vision and mission, which must be accommodated in RKPD and KUA-PPAS, so that there are no significant obstacles in this transition process," he continued.

    In response to this, Daily Implementer of West Java, Governor Iriawan welcomed Emil's plan. There are several accelerated development programs that have been done by Iriawan and must be followed up immediately by the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java Elected.

    "We'll wait happily. Because I also want to convey several things that the Elected Governor needs to know since it is quite five years long (the term of office of governor), so there are several things that become accelerations that I do in order to be followed up for the benefit of the people of West Java, "said

    Iriawan when met after the plenary meeting of West Java KPUD. "His field team (Emil) has met with my staff, no problem. He knew that the inauguration on the 17th (September) but must know also RKPD 2019 like what. It must be mandatory I give the door open," he said.

    In addition, Emil and Uu will also form the Governor's Advisory Council in his government. Members of this assembly will provide input for the program
    development in West Java under his leadership over the next five years.

    "Therefore, there is a plan we will form the name of the Governor's Advisory Council, the contents are all those who become the candidate pair of governors we will invite to fill the forum and the ex-governor, so in guiding us over the next five years we have a voice and advice that so loved West Java," said Emil.

    Emil and Uu feel grateful at once say Istighfar got mandate as Governor and Vice Governor of West Java. There are about 48 million West Java people who must
    prosperous and 27 districts should be promoted.

    "InshaAllah we will try to realize our vision and mission within five years," said Emil. All the people of West Java will Emil and Uu protect without undifferentiated. Approximately 48 million citizens of West Java will be given a solution without distinguished religions or groups, supporters or not a supporter when Election of Regional Head (Pilkada).

    "After we were sworn in, we have sworn that all 48 million West Java residents will be protected, we will love, we will give the solution without differentiating-
    distinguish whether he is our supporter or not, without discriminating against religion, the same group as us or not, without discriminating whether his region won the Rindu or not, all we have forgotten. Election of Regional Head in the past has been done, West Java Champion (Jabar Juara) born inner is the future, "said Emil.

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