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    West Java Regional Police Supports Full Security Asian Games


    BANDUNG REGENCY-West Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Agung Budi Maryoto along with the entourage to conduct a review to the Stadium Si Jalak Harupat (SJH) in order to ensure security readiness ahead of the 2018 Asian Games.

    The delegation was received by the Regent of Bandung H. Dadang M. Naser and the Chief of Police of Bandung AKBP Indra Hermawan along with the ranks of Pemkab and Polres Bandung in the VIP Room of SJH, Thursday (26/7).

    Agung Budi Maryoto revealed that his staff has deployed approximately 8,000 personnel for the security of venues in West Java which will be used at the Games of Asian countries.

    "We have to be a good host, including the police assisted by the TNI from its security aspect. Yesterday we've been around the venues, ranging from Pakansari Bogor Stadium, Paralayang in Puncak, which is quite long in Subang to Karawang. The 147 km route for cycling sports seized the most personnel. Overall for the venue in West Java, we lowered approximately 8,000 personnel, "said the Regional Police (Kapolda) to the media.

    In addition to the venue, Agung said it also did security at a number of inns used by athletes who will compete in West Java. In this aspect of security, his side also synergize with the TNI.

    "We also do security at athletes' accommodation. In Bandung there are 3 hotels, in Bogor there are also 3, in Subang 2 hotels, as well as in Cirebon and Sumedang each 1 hotel. The security point is quite a lot, but we are optimistic because assisted by 2,600 TNI personnel will be jointly diplotted for the security of this Asian Games," he added.

    Standard operational escort athletes, according to him is in accordance with FIFA standards. "Fore rider (bodyguard motor), car bodyguard, bus player, bus reserve, besides we also added with anti anarchic vehicle. For example on the way there is nothing, this vehicle will act, including in this SJH prepared rescue vehicle (Ranmatan) to anticipate in case of chaos," explained the Regional Police (Kapolda).

    Agung added that the issue of terrorism is still a priority, street crimes are also not spared from the attention of his side. "Currently we are continuing to do preventive law enforcement against terrorist networks. Street crime such as pickpocket, theft, motor vehicle theft and others also did not escape the attention. 5,200 people we catch, more than 270 people have been arrested. People who huddle, get drunk, there is a proof tool we process, there is a sharp weapon (stoning) we process," he added.

    He hoped the incident at Jakabaring Stadium Palembang not repeated in SJH, for that he appealed to West Java residents, especially Bandung regency to maintain order and security ahead of the Asian Games.

    "I appeal to the public, be a good citizen means to be a good host, the incident in Jakabaring Palembang not to happen here, God willing, West Java is much better. Bandung citizens are very polite, religious, God willing, can be a good host so that the name of Indonesia will be fragrant will also improve the economy, if everything is safe and smoothly investors will be interested," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, the Regent of Bandung called the physical preparation of SJH is about 98%. "The current workmanship is decorative and we will do in marathon in time to run well," said the man who is familiarly called Kang DN.

    The Bandung District health team, he added, has coordinated with the province to be placed in health posts. "Public Health Office (Dinkes) has coordinated with provinces and centers to be placed in health posts around this SJH. As for evacuation if any athletes or spectators are injured, RSUD Soreang has been referred because the distance from SJH is only about 5-10 minutes, "added Kang DN.

    Kang DN appealed to residents of Bandung Regency to take advantage of this historic moment for the benefit of the community economy. "Let's both we welcome the international event in this SJH with vociferous, with friendly and take advantage of this moment for the economic interests of the people of Bandung regency. Hopefully this event brings blessings and invites investment for economic growth in Bandung regency, "he concluded.

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