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    2.148 Children Enliven Indonesia Coloring 2


    BANDUNG - 2,148 children in kindergarten and elementary school participated in the Indonesia Coloring 2 activity organized by Zakat Houses in 17 cities in Indonesia. In addition to the coloring competition, in the event there was a fundraising action for Palestine which was collected Rp. 12,964,100.

    "The difference between this coloring competition with other competitions was from the images that will be colored by children. At this Indonesia Coloring event, the theme was a picture of disaster preparedness, it was hoped that children can get to know the types of disasters and they are ready to cope with disasters," explained Al Razi, Program Manager of Voluntary Homes for Alms.

    The event was a series of festivals celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Zakat House, as well as celebrating National Children's Day which on July 23. This year was the second title of Indonesia Coloring, with the theme of Indonesia Children Who Care, Strong, and Creative.

    In Bandung, Indonesia Coloring was held at At Taqwa Mosque located in Griya Caraka Complex, Cisaranten, Bandung on Sunday (7/22). In the series of events, there were also free health tests, fruit-eating campaigns, and various educational games.

    "This event was great for training in creativity, and providing a real-life space for children. What made it memorable from this event was the fundraising for Palestine, so that it trains children to care for others," said Abay, one of the participant's parents. jo

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