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    M. Iriawan: Alhamdulillah West Java Gubernatorial Election is Succeed


    BANDUNG- Governor Daily Implementer (PJ). The Governor of West Java, M. Iriawan affirmed that the implementation of the Gubernatorial Election of 2018 will be smooth, safe, peaceful, direct, public, free, confidential, honest and fair.

    "Thank God Gubernatorial Election West Java was successful," he said when delivering a speech at the Open Plenary Meeting Selection of Selected Paslon Pilgub Jabar 2018 in West Java KPU Jl. Garut No. 11 Bandung, Wednesday (24/7).

    According to Iriawan, the success was the result of the cooperation of all parties, both the KPU and Bawaslu as well as the security apparatus from the Regional Police assisted by the Siliwangi Regional Military Command III ranks. "Gubernatorial election reflects the peaceful elections which are an example at the national level and even on the world level, so the representatives of 7 countries are present," he said.

    West Java  Governor candidates as a means of educating democracy and political tourism is truly realized. Even the participation of 71% is considered extraordinary because five years ago only 63%. Therefore, Iriawan expressed his appreciation to the election organizers, especially to the KPU, Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), and the ranks of security.

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of  West Java KPU  Yayat Hidayat explained that the open plenary meeting is an instruction of PKPU Number 9 Year regarding Recapitulation of Vote Count Result and Determination of Election Result of Governor and Vice Governor, Regent and Deputy Regent, and / or Mayor and Deputy Mayor. "In addition, it is also in line with the issuance of the letter of KPU RI Number 739 on the Stipulation of Selected Paslon without a Dispute on the Election Result (PHP), so we are obliged to hold this open plenary meeting," he said.

    Yayat said that the determination of selected Governor candidate also refers to the Decree of West Java Election Commission Number 145/2018 on Recapitulation of Vote Count Results, which among others explain the results of votes: Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum or Rindu, reaching 7,226,254 votes (32.88%), followed by the pair Sudrajat - Ahmad Syaikhu or Fun 6.317.465 votes (28.74%), Deddy-Dedi couples 5,663,198 votes (25.77%), and the pair Hasanudin-Anton Charliyan or Hasanah 2,773,078 votes (12.62 %). Thereby Paslon Rindu is designated as selected paslon.

    Determination of the Selected Governor candidates was then stated in the Minutes, which were then submitted to the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) to schedule a special plenary meeting on the announcement of the results of the elections in West Java. In addition, the minutes are also submitted to Bawaslu and Political Parties.

    In the impression of his message, the Chairperson of the West Java Regional House of Representatives DPRD, Ine Purwadewi Sundari considered the West Java Governor-elect to be smooth and conducive even though many people had feared the occurrence of a conflict. "It's all thanks to the cooperation of all parties, including the community," he said.

    The same impression was also conveyed by Chairman of Bawaslu, Wasikin. However, Wasikin emphasized the success of the role of Police called the best in securing Governor-elect (Pilgub).

    At the end of the event, the candidate for Governor-elect, Ridwan Kamil, claimed to be a high-ranking because he had to be responsible for the welfare of 48 million people from 27 districts / cities. But he is optimistic that responsibility can be overcome, among others, by forming a Governor's Advisory Council whose members consist of former Paslon and former Governor. "The elections are the past and the future champion of West Java," he said.

    Present on the occasion were Kasdam III Siliwangi, Deputy Regional Police Chief, Asintel Kajati, High Judge of the High Court, elected Paslon, and political party leaders. (Pun)

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