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    20 Cities and Regencies in West Java Decent Children


    SURABAYA - West Java Provincial Government won the award as a mover of Kokab Worthy Best Child Development because 50 percent of the region has predicate worthy of children. Another award won by the West Java Provincial Government is the Development of the Provincial Level Children's Good Forum.

    The award was presented directly by the Minister of PPPA Yohana Yembise at 2018 Child Friendly City Award which was held this time in Surabaya City, Monday (07/23/2018) night, to coincide with the peak of National Children's Day.

    Secretary of the Region (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa who attended the Municipal Children's Worthy Award 2018 appreciate because every year the region increases in West Java which predicate worthy of children.

    "Thank you because from 27 Kokab all West Java 20 have been awarded child worthy," said Iwa.

    From the 27 cities and regencies (Kokab) in West Java, 20 of them are designated by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection as a child-worthy Kokab in various categories. Especially for the city of Bandung and Bogor Regency get the rating Nindya in the awarding of the City District Eligible Children (KLA) 2018.

    Twenty Decent Cities for Children with categories such as the best civil rights fulfillment, the best children's forum development, the best prevention of child marriage, an integrated regional service unit for the protection of the best women and children, Community Health Center (Puskesmas) with the best child friendly services and the best child friendly schools. Special award is also given to West Java Regional Police (Polda Jabar) as a child friendly police institution along with Polres Banjar and Polres Sorong.

    Particularly for the category of Best Provincial Level Children's Forum Development, West Java Provincial Government is considered to have provided participation for children who are not yet 18 years old where members are representatives of children's groups, managed by children and fostered by local governments as a medium to hear, fulfill aspirations, opinions, wants and needs of the child in the development process. The criteria of this award include the regional policy, the establishment of the forum forum for children, the availability of facilities and infrastructure of the secretariat of the children's forum as well as the implementation of positive, creative, innovative programs and activities.

    Secretary of Iwa hoped that the following year all Kokab in West Java would get the title worthy of their children. That way, West Java could become a province in Indonesia with a major rating worthy of children.

    "Next year we hope that the whole Kokab can be worthy of the children, we will pursue seven other regions that have not yet gained, so the province becomes the top ranking or the highest award," he hoped.

    For this reason, Iwa will continue to encourage the region to make efforts to increase attention to children and build intensive communication to all parties concerned with children. In addition, other efforts will be pushed through education from elementary to high school both public and private, such as creating the concept of a friendly school on formal and informal education.

    "Also through religious approaches in mosques, prayer rooms and channels of religious mass organizations. With the way we develop this, thank God, the development is significant so that attention to children is increased and assessed by the central government, thank God from year to year, it continues to increase," he said.

    Meanwhile, Ministry of Women and Child Empowerment (PPPA) Minister Yohana Yembise said, this year Kokab predicate worthy of children increased significantly from the previous year. It was proven by 389 participants at the 2018 KLA Award, 177 Kokab was awarded a child worth.

    "The childbearing worthy Kokab evaluation in 2018 was followed by 389 regions and 177 Kokab awards, up 50% from 2017," he said.

    The KLA 2018 award was also given to 10 Provincial governments as the driving force for the development of child-friendly Kokab. Two cities won the main ranking worthy of children, nindya rank 11 Kokab, middle 51 Kokab and pre-113 113 Kokab.

    Yohana said, the KLA award was the hard work of the Regional Government in national development in the field of the fulfillment of children's rights and the special protection of children supported by community institutions, the business world, the media and the role of the children's forum as reporters and pioneers. The central government has targeted Indonesia as a child in 2030.

    "All regions must be worthy of children because our target is 2030 Indonesians are worthy of children." The journey is still long, this big homework needs synergy and hard work of the leaders in the region, "he said.

    Currently the number of children in Indonesia reaches 87 million people. However, no province has yet been established for children.

    "There are no provinces in Indonesia that are worthy of children because all Kokab should be worthy of children but now they have gone there," he said.

    In accordance with Law number 23 of 201

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