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    West Java Regional Secretary Became the Chairman of the Civil Servant Appraisal Team of West Java


    BANDUNG-Local Government of West Java Province now has a Performance Assessment Team of civil servants formed through Kepgub No. 800.05 / Kep.710-BKD / 2018 About the Appraisal Team Performance of Civil Servants in the Government Environment West Java Province.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa said the establishment of this performance appraisal team in accordance with the legal umbrella and 32/2013 law order about local government and Law 30/2014 on administration and PP 11/2017. "Where is the device

    In the past the term was Baperjakat, this was a replacement team Baperjakat, the name of the Assessment Team of West Java Province civil servants, " he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (23/7/18).

    Formation through this Kepgub signed by Governor Daily Implementer of West Java,  H. Mochamad Iriawan on Monday (16/7/18) ago. Team chaired by West Java Secretary and member consists of Head of Inspectorate, Assistant III Administration, Head of Regional Personnel Agency, and Head of Regional Device Organization related to no member permanent.

    The head of the WTO itself is involved to understand the apparatus in each service. Iwa appoints, for example, Office of Highways and Spatial Planning that when assessed the performance of its civil servants, the head of his service will be involved in team. "If you will appoint an administrative official, or from staff to echelon IV or IV to III and process mutation then the head of his department assigned specially discuss his service, "he said.

    With the civil servant performance appraisal team, Iwa assessed, the pattern appointment or transfer of positions within the Provincial Government of West Java will be better, transparent and fair. This team also is drafting the rules for the career patterns of civil servants who will be an open requirement for the employee to be become officials of echelon II, III and IV.

    Iwa acknowledged, for the terms of the procurement certificate and services will facilitate the concerned when it becomes officials to conduct procurement. Because of her will encourage, those who have not obtained a certificate to attend training. "The position will also be tailored to education and expertise, these criteria we will emphasize in the preparation of career patterns, "he said.

    Currently, his party is processing the determination of three positions

    the head of the bureau that comes from the results of an open auction.

    The auction results and the appointment of echelon II according to him

    has been reported to the Governor Daily Implementer as well

    Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    "With a clear career pattern and an assessment team

    performance then it is possible to get a qualified civil servant, and

    allows no non-job officials. Team performance

    in accordance with the legal corridor, we want to get the human resources

    qualified and as per the requirements, "he said.

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