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    Cheap Inflation Control Bazaar


    BANDUNG - Bank Indonesia Representative Office of West Java Province along with the Bureau of Logistics, Bank BJB and the Regional Java Inflation Control Team (TPID) of West Java and the Bandung City TPID, held a "Cheap Inflation Control Bazaar" at the Bandung Food and Agriculture Office.

    Head of Policy Coordination and Communication Functions,
    Economic Development Division of the Bank Representative Office
    Indonesia West Java Province, Ahmad Perkasa Subarkah said, a number of commodities sold in cheap bazaars this time included chicken eggs, frozen chicken meat, cooking oil, rice, sugar and flour.

    "I hope that this cheap bazaar can reduce the price of a number of commodities which are currently priced high enough in the market, such as chicken meat and eggs," Ahmad said, at the Cheap Bazaar at the Bandung Food and Agriculture Service Office, Jln. Arjuna No. 46, Monday (23/07).

    Ahmad hopes, in addition to suppressing the price of frozen chicken meat which currently reaches Rp.42,000 per head and the price of eggs that currently reaches Rp. 30,000 per kg, a cheap bazaar that takes place in the Cicendo and Ujungberung regions can also reduce inflation in the City
    Bandung in particular and West Java in general.

    "The aim is to reduce the price of eggs and chicken meat, and then reduce inflation because the seeds of broiler and eggs are quite high in the calculation of inflation," he said.

    The prices of a number of member commodities are sold at cheap bazaars each egg Rp. 23,800 per kg, frozen chicken meat Rp. 33,000 per head, super premium rice 5 kg Rp. 62,500, premium premium Rp. 60,000, medium rice Rp. 47,250, oil fried Rp. 12,250 per 1 liter, sugar Rp. 12,000 per kg and flour Rp. 7,300 per kg.

    For people who will buy commodities at the bazaar
    cheap enough to show ID cards with a limited purchase amount, 2 kg each for eggs and frozen chicken meat. The stock prepared for eggs at this cheap bazaar reached 500 kg and frozen chicken meat was 1 thousand. (Parno)

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