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    Anti Hoax Declaration Coloring National Children's Day 2018


    BANDUNG - Understanding of anti hoax must be applied from an early age. Given the spread of hoax or fake news through social media (sosmed) can damage the life of the nation.

    This was stated by the Republic of Indonesia Radio Central Board (RRI) Hasto Kuncoro at the commemoration of 2018 National Children's Day at 23 Paskal mall in Bandung, Monday (07/23/2018).

    Hasto assessed the negative impact of the existence of social media can damage the character of the nation's generation. In order for children to increase their ability to be wise in using social media, one of them is by blocking social media that contains various SARA, Pornography and violence content.

    "This is done so that children are not contaminated by the negative impact of social media," he said.

    He stressed the news of hoaxes is a new type of disease in the lives of Indonesian people. You can imagine this type of disease will be more dangerous than existing types of social diseases. The reason is that Indonesia is a pluralistic country with religious diversity, RAS, ethnicity and class can be divided by the hoax news.

    "During this society's diseases such as liquor, prostitution, gambling. Now add one more, namely news hoax, "he said.

    For this reason, the HAN Commemoration this time invites children specifically not to be easily convinced by hoax news by using social media wisely.

    Based on UNESCO's record that Indonesia is classified weak in media literacy, even less compared with some countries in Africa. This means it is needed enlightenment for the community through the media that is on homeland.

    "Then the mass media literacy needs to be improved with giving positive information to the community, " he said.

    In addition, the government through Kominfo must to increase socialization and counseling about media literacy to the public.

    "For example, cooperation with the Attorney so it can increase legal awareness among the community, "he explained.

    As for the Chairperson of the 2018 National Children's Day Acting, Antoni Syuhari said it was inviting children to be more familiar with the meaning of nationality with the introduction pattern of play as done in various public places.

    "Today the momentum is very fitting and invites children to sign and promise to learn the meaning of difference, diversity and it will be much more beautiful if we are always together," he explained

    Antoni, who also served as the Appreciation of the Art of the Children's Champion Group (Askara), added that the activities that collaborate with the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of Defense aim to instill education on the character of the nation and increase awareness of defense among the children.

    Although the era is increasingly sophisticated but still nationalism is always maintained so that the integrity and sovereignty of the state is maintained.

    "We do not want our children and grandchildren to suffer, therefore how to unite this child through Pancasila by strengthening unity and unity in the future, "he concluded. (Pun)

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