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    Kodam III / Siliwangi Athlete Wins First Gold Karate Competition


    MAGELANG - Kodam III / Siliwangi athletes won their first gold medal in karate at the 4th prestigious Army Sports Week (Porad) event in Magelang on Saturday (07/21/2018)

    The gold medalist was the Head Sergeant (Serka) Fema Daniawan who daily served in Yonarhanud - 3 / YBY Regional Military Command (Kodam) III / Siliwangi with the position as the Radar Tonmat Raimer B Yonarhanudri 3 / YBY.

    His achievements include Champion 1 individual word Porad 2018, 3rd winner of individual word Danjen Kopassus 2017, 3rd winner of Pangdiv 2nd Division Kostrad 2018, 3rd champion individual word Circuit Jabar Circuit Regent 2018 Sukabumi and Champion 1 Individual Men's word national championships (Kejurna)s Open Tournament Bekasi 2018.

    In this Porad event, Fema won the gold medal in the individual word champion. The medal was carried out by the Deputy Chief of the Army Lt. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman who was witnessed directly and at the same time greeted by the Commander of the III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. TNI Besar Harto Karyawan, S.H, M. Tr (Han)

    In addition to athletes, Fema who has the qualifications and 1 Karate Kushin Ryu stream he also and 1 military self defense Yoong Mo Do. Thanks to his ability, Fema also got a job as a martial arts trainer, besides that he was also a teacher / sensei at KK Dojo Arhanud (Kushin Ryu Karate do Indonesia) who trained soldier children every Sunday morning.

    Fema is also active in participating in Karate and Yong moo do events organized by the Indonesian national army (TNI) and other agencies.

    Previously, Kasdam III / Siliwangi, Brig. Gen. Nurcahyanto, advised that he always prepare physically and mentally to compete and win the mentality with the backward spirit of pantrang mulang.

    "We always uphold sportsmanship in achieving achievements so as to be able to build a positive image of Kodam III / Siliwangi," he concluded. (Pun)

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