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    Development Progress Leuwikeris Dam Package 1 On The Track


    CIAMIS REGENCY-Daily Implementer of West Java, Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan said, so far the development has reached 30%. This he disclosed after directly reviewing the construction project of Leuwikeris Dam Package 1 in Cijeunjing, Ciamis Regency, Thursday (19/7/18).

    "Actually on the track, there is no problem, so I make sure there are obstacles or not. While there is a lawsuit from the public the land is fair, is in the civil process in court," explained Iriawan.

    "So far there are no obstacles, there are other social problems, of course, will be resolved persuasively by the related elements," he added.

    This dam will have a 1,500 meter long tunnel to drain the water. Iriawan revealed it will soon hold a meeting with the parties related to the block (location determination).

    Administratively, the location of the dam is located between two administrative governments, namely Ciamis and Tasikmalaya. Leuwikeris is very strategic, because it will be used to irrigate rice fields or irrigation in Lakbok Utara 6,600 hectares and Lakbok Manganti 4,616 hectares, raw water source of 845 liters / second for people of Banjar City, Tasikmalaya Regency and Ciamis Regency. In addition to flood control, 2x10 MW power plant, to tourism.

    The progress of the dam project with 242 hectares of inundation area has been done since November 2016 and targeted to finish in March 2021 by swallowing the budget up to Rp 1.9 Trillion more.

    Runway Wiriadinata Airport Extended 200 Meters

    Previous Governor Daily Implementer of West Java, Iriawan also briefly reviewed Wiriadinata Airport in Tasikmalaya City. The airport is in the process of building a runway along the 200 meters.

    The airport had previously runway 1,400 meters. Iriawan hoped that with the addition of this runway length could increase the frequency of ATR type aircraft in Wiriadinata. In addition, there are plans to add a runway length of 300 meters, bringing the total runway length to 1,900 meters.

    "Ideally 2,500 meters for aircraft such as Airbus or jet can land here, we will try to ask to the Ministry of Transportation to be followed up on this runway," said Iriawan after direct review of Wiriadinata Airport runway in Tasikmalaya City on Thursday (19 / 7/18).

    The budget used for the addition of runway along the 200 meters of Rp 30 billion. The funding is from the Ministry of Transportation and targeted for completion in October 2018. In addition, the construction of apron or terminal is in progress. "So it will be simultaneous with the extension of the runway to accommodate passengers in this Priangan or South Java," he added.

    So far the public interest of Wiriadinata Airport users is quite high. Currently there is only one flight route per day from Jakarta (Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport) - Tasikmalaya (Wiriadinata Airport) via Wings Air.

    "In the future, other routes will be open, such as from Bandung, Kertajati, Solo, ATR Javanese island can be reached," he concluded.

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