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    Regional Secretary of West Java Support Positive Climate Jatar Karate Championship


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Sekda) West Java Province Iwa Karniwa attended the opening of the Karate Open Championship Circuit III 2018 at the GOR Arcamanik Youth Center on Wednesday (18/07/18). This championship was held by the West Java High State Prosecutor, as one of the series in commemorating the 58th Anniversary of Adhyaksa Bakti Day 2018.

    Iwa said the Karate sport is one of the martial arts that combines physical and mental mix. It is based on the Five Vows of Karate, including: Able to Maintain Personality, Abiding Honesty, Able to Enhance Achievement, Able to Maintain Pride and Self-Sufficiency.

    Through Karate, Iwa continued, West Java is known as a gatekeeping karate athlete. Proven with karateka athletes origin from Jabar who won 5 gold medals, 3 silver and 2 bronze. So became the General Champion of Cabor Karate in the event PON to 19 in West Java ago.

    "Therefore, we need to continue to foster this branch of karate sport from an early age, by organizing development activities with tiered and continuous training and competition. Expanded to the lowest level, at least starting from the District level, to explore potential seeds, "said Iwa.

    Iwa hopes this championship can evaluate and test the extent of the results of the exercises that have been applied. In addition, Kajati Jabar Karate Open competence is a very appropriate moment for trials for preparation of PORDA Jabar in October 2018. As well as a vehicle for improving the human resources of event management and improving the quality of referees

    Head of the West Java High State Prosecutor Raja Nafrizal said through this competition is expected to increase the spirit to pursue this sport to scent the nation. He also appealed to all athletes and referees to supportive and professionals.

    This competition is the first time held by West Java State Attorney which is planned to be the annual agenda. "It is expected to contribute positively in building karate athletes in West Java," he said.

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