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    Livestock Contest, West Java Efforts to Improve Quality of Livestock Seeds & Livestock Products


    TASIKMALAYA - West Java Provincial Government through Food and Livestock Service Office held Livestock Contest at Jabar Level 2018. This is the government's effort in improving the quality of livestock seedlings and livestock products.

    In accordance with the theme: "Through Livestock Contest Activity, We Improve Quality of Livestock Seeds and Competitiveness of Livestock Products", The Daily Implementer of (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan said this event is expected to be a benchmark of livestock development in West Java.

    "This event is quite strategic, as a benchmark of the development of livestock in West Java," said Iriawan in his speech at the 37th West Java Livestock Competition event in 2018 at Dadaha Field, Jl. Dadaha Kota Tasikmalaya, Thursday (19/7/18).

    Furthermore, Iriawan asked this livestock contest should not only be made an annual event contest. However, there must be concrete results to support the needs of livestock in West Java.

    "This activity (contest of livestock) if the contest alone is not a good thing, so we will produce the best seeds to be competitive," said Iriawan to the media crew.

    On this occasion, Iriawan also said that his party along with the related parties in the field of animal husbandry will hold FGD to find solutions to increase livestock production in West Java.

    "We have many superior products of cattle, so I am ordered by the head of department to hold focus group discussion from farmers, market, researchers, livestock experts to find a solution for what the Central Government to do,  Provincial Government and so on," said Iriawan.

    According to Iriawan, there should be a program to encourage livestock, especially cattle by the people of West Java, such as citizen culture in East Java.

    "For example, from the culture culture in East Java, almost every house in every village has a cow, but we do not, but we will try it, so every cow is required, but the government should help prepare the seeds. said Iriawan.

    Congratulations! Garut is The General Champion Livestock Contest Jabar 2018

    Meanwhile, Head of Department of Food and Livestock Husbandry (DKPP) West Java Dewi Sartika said, there are about 500 participants that participated in this year's livestock contest. With a total of 474 animals. In addition, there is also a photography competition with the theme: "Friends Livestock". There are a thousand more photos rated.

    Out as the overall champion of this year's livestock contest, namely Garut Kabuapten. The Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Iriawan directly handed the general champion trophy to the Head of Animal Husbandry Office Garut regency. Garut wins in three different categories, namely Beef Cattle for Post-Husband Cattle, Dairy Cattle Commodities for 12-15 Months and Lactation, and Sheep Cattle for the King of Pedaging.

    Furthermore, in his speech the Head of DKPP Jabar Dewi Sartika expects this livestock contest can motivate the breeders to provide quality livestock or replacement stock livestock.

    "This contest is also as an effort to preserve and develop West Java germplasm, namely Garut sheep, Chicken Pelung, Pasundan Cattle, Sentul Chicken, and others," said Dewi.

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