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    Nu'man: Kudu Nyaah Ka Kolot


    BANDUNG - West Java Province has formulated the operational program of Law no. 13 Year 1998 based on local wisdom that is silih asih, silih asah, and silih asuh with the name of the program that is "Nyaah Ka Kolot".

    Nyaah Ka Kolot is a part of local wisdom that has a deep sense of affection, and a child's sincerity to parents. An integrated and sustainable program of constants, and growing to realize the three hopes or Tri Daya elderly.

    "Elderly Tridaya is, elderly must remain healthy, elderly must remain prosperous, and elderly must remain active bersilaturahim," said Chairman of the Institute of Elderly Indonesia Nu'man Abdul Hakim during the commemoration of the Elderly Day at Gedung Sate, Thursday (19/7).

    Meanwhile, Chairman of HLUN 2018 Haryadi in his speech said that the purpose of the HLUN activities held at West Java Province level is to realize and enhance the role of elderly will be the importance of nation and state.

    This activity is also done to make the elderly happy, motivate the independent pattern of entrepreneurial family in improving the health of elderly to theprosperous in 2025. Also, the another aim is to improve the cooperation of the sector and organization of meaningful elderly in the life of the nation.

    He said that the elderly should always be considered because although they are old but the experience and scholarship is high and wide. For now, the attention to the elderly is getting higher because there are already institutions such as LLI and werdha homes. (Jo)

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