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    Socialization Perpres Spatial Basin Bandung


    BANDUNG - Continuous development of the Ministry of ATR / BPN RI, through the Directorate General of Spatial Planning. This was stated in the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 45 of 2018.

    Director General of Spatial Planning, Ministry of ATR / BPN, Abdul Kamarzuki said most of the areas in the Bandung Basin Urban Area are mountains where the built area is located in the area in the form of a basin and has physical limitations in its development, thus requiring spatial arrangements.

    The Spatial Plan of the Bandung Basin Urban Area is in addition to being a plan to hold urban sprawl or through the concept of the division of roles and functions of the core city and surrounding cities.

    "In addition, as one of the tools to control land conversion in the upstream by setting the upstream area as a protected area and cultivation with low intensity," he told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (07/17/2018)

    The Bandung Basin Urban Area has 3 (three) main roles at the National level, namely (1) the economic role in which the region contributes 3.3% of National GDP; (2) environmental roles through water and soil conservation; (3) and the role of the city to hold urban sprawl through the concept of the division of roles and functions of the core city and surrounding cities through the development of compact city.

    "The draft of this Presidential Regulation is ten years more formulated, its form in 2018," he said

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Bappeda Yerry Yanuar added three metropolitan areas that need to be appointed as strategic areas, Greater Jakarta, Metro Bandung, Metro Cirebon. Therefore, the Presidential Regulation No. 45 of 2018 can equip as well as organize the area of ??Bandung basin to be a world-class area.

    "This regulation is expected to be a reference for the implementation of the National Strategic Project, Citarum Harum, Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train and other strategic issues," he explained. (Jo)

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