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    Governor Daily Implementer (Pj) Governor Invites to Reduce Plastic Waste


    BANDUNG - Commemoration of World Environment Day on West Java level (Jabar) takes place on Gedung Sate Bandung page. Present on the occasion were PJ Governor Jabar M. Iriawan and hundreds of participants and a number of environmental ambassadors at the school level.

    In his speech, Governor Pj invites participants to stage and dialogue related to efforts to reduce plastic waste. According to him at this time , if shopping to the supermarket then always hope to get a plastic bag.

    "Remember not the time before, our shopping grandmother always carry her own bag, do not expect a plastic bag. The way it makes first is not a lot of plastic waste, "he said.

    He then advised all attendees to reduce the use of plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Because the most difficult plastic decomposes disrupt soil, river and sea.

    Furthermore, he advised everyone to feel ashamed to get rid of them carelessly, let alone plastic waste. He also reminded to re-activate "Clean Friday" to RT level.

    "Later I will make a circular to reactivate the activities of Clean Friday," he said. (jo)

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