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    Harganas, Iwa Reveal the Role of Motekar for Families in West Java


    KARAWANG-West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said, family problems currently exist on the pattern of communication and less interaction between husband and wife and parents and children. This is the basis of the importance of the role of Family Resilience Motivator (Motekar) in fostering families in West Java.

    "The problem of interaction in this family is no school. Therefore, the Provincial Government of West Java through the Office of Women Empowerment Child Protection and Family Planning (DP3AKB) has a Motekar program that aims to assist families in West Java with the support on three things, namely reducing family violence, economic problems, and legality issues. he said after opening the National Family Day Commemoration Day to XXV and National Children's Day 2018 West Java Provincial Level in Galuh Mas Square Karawang regency, Tuesday (17/06/18).

    Guidance on the community, according to Iwa, it is a top priority. "From the original 200 villages now to 312 villages, it is focused on areas that have the most violence cases in West Java to be more effective with limited funds such as in Pantura," he said.

    "Alhamdulillah, from several cases of family violence it decreased by almost 50 percent. Then the alignment to gender also increased, based on data and facts 2015 - 2016 - 2017, "continued Iwa.

    By Menpan RB also, Iwa said, Motekar became one of the innovations that entered on TOP 99. Top 99 Public Service Innovation 2018 is one of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB).

    "This is a program that does not require a lot of money, but it is concrete to reduce various family problems," said Iwa.

    Iwa hopes that if this program continues to be encouraged in the community, West Java will contribute 20 - 25 percent gradually in forming advanced, prosperous and harmonious families in Indonesia.

    Synergy of Agrarian and National Children's Day

    The series of commemoration of National Family Day (Harganas) to XXV started with various activities, such as Kader Choir Competition for Pos KB among districts / cities throughout West Java, and then there is Roadside Car Roadside of KB Planning in West Java, Intelligent Ceremony Kader Kampung KB provincial level, to the peak, the commemoration ceremony of XXV National Family Day in Karawang.

    At the peak event, the KB Expo Village was also held, which was a showcase of superior KB villages and UPPKS product trade titles throughout West Java.

    The head of the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) of West Java Province, S. Teguh Santoso said the Population, Family Planning and Family Development program is a very strategic program in development in West Java.

    According to KB program not only move in quantity aspect, that is controlling of population, but also in aspect of population quality, family planning program plays an important role in improving the quality of West Java based human family. Moreover, West Java, with a population of 48 million, is a determinant of the national development program.

    "For that, the people of West Java need to know and understand the importance of the Population program, family planning, and family development," he said.

    Teguh said the National Family Day was the right moment to recall the role of the family as a pillar of the nation. Efforts to strengthen family resilience and fulfill children's rights are important to realize advanced and prosperous West Javanese families.

    Teguh conveyed that in the XXV Anniversary of 2018 in Menado, West Java Province had also received awards at the National level, namely:

    1.Satyalancana Development of the President of RI on behalf of: Mr. Sonjaya (Regent Cirebon), Mr. Rudi (Garut Regent), and Mrs. Ade Uu (Mayor of Banjar);

    2. Award from Manggala Karya Kencana Head of BKKBN on behalf of: Head of TP PKK Kab Kuningan, Chairman of TP PKK Depok City, and Chairman of TP PKK City Bogor.

    3. The first place PAKARTI UTAMA the best manager of National Level Unity Movement PKK KB-Kes City category 2018, on behalf of the City of Banjar.

    4. National Level I UPPKS manager, namely Bekasi urban village

    The theme that was raised on the National Family Day Commemoration to XXV is "Family Love, Love Planned". With the sub theme "Strengthening Family Resilience and Fulfillment of the Rights of the Child". While the celebration of Children's Day, the theme of GENIUS (Empathic Empathy beraNI Superior Healthy).

    The aim is to foster and increase awareness and awareness as well as the active role of community and family leaders in creating a quality family environment and able to fulfill the rights and protect children in the family. With 7,000 participants consisting of TPD, TP PKK, PLKB, KB Post, Cadre of Activity Groups, Children's Forums and community leaders throughout West Java.

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