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    4,505 Members of Babinsa Attend a Presidential Briefing in Bandung


    BANDUNG-A total of 4,505 members of Bintara Pembina Desa (Babinsa) from all over Indonesia attended the briefing given by the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo in Bandung, Tuesday (17/7/18). The official (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan also present to accompany the President.

    As the Supreme Commander of the TNI, the President appreciated the performance of Babinsa. Especially related to the implementation of simultaneous regional elections that runs safely and orderly in 171 areas on 27 June 2018 ago.

    "My appreciation for devotion, dedication, hard work together with members of the Police undertake the task of the state to maintain security, order, and especially in securing the Pilkada previously. Thanks for the hard work of you all," said President in his briefing which took place in Hangar KFX / IFX Ministry of Defense RI in the area of ??PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Complex Lanud Husein Sastranegara City Bandung.

    Furthermore, on this occasion, the President stressed that the challenge of this nation in the future will be greater and more difficult. Problems of poverty, inequality, and regional infrastructure are some things that need improvement. The President called for the hard work and contributions of the members of Babinsa.

    "The hard work of all of you (Babinsa's members) especially to keep political and security stability necessary for smooth development in our country," he said.

    In addition, the President requested the ability of Babinsa to be improved. Territorial capability should be continuously improved, other things fast retrieval capability, quick reporting, management, and regional governance capabilities in detail. 

    "The ability of people's support, how to improve people's ability in facing threats, guidance (community) in the ability to defend the country by the people," he added.

    Concerning terrorism and radicalism that developed almost in all countries, the President also advised that Babinsa can understand the deviation of this ideology so as not to thrive in our country. It causes unrest in society. Today the threat is not only physical but also ideological.

    "It is your duty all of us must understand that now the threat is not just physical, such ideologies threaten almost all countries, including our country, Indonesia," said the President.

    Therefore, according to the President, Babinsa needs to have social communication skills. Associating with all elements of society and fellow apparatus, because the solidity between the TNI and Polri became the key to the stability of security and order in society.

    The President added that we are now faced with a very rapid pace of change. According to the McCansy Global Institue, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is three thousand times faster than the Industrial Revolution 1.0.

    "This means that in the future there will be a very rapid change, the calculation can be a day, week, month, or very fast, of course, such changes will also change the economic, social, all fields," said President.

    "Therefore, we should not be wrong in anticipation, must be ready, especially once again, Babinsa is at the forefront in anticipating this (change)," he added.

    Another thing that the President emphasized, namely the neutrality of the TNI and Police. Babinsa was asked to be neutral. The politics of the TNI is a political statement rather than a practical politics, meaning that democratic processes must proceed smoothly, safely and peacefully.

    "The neutrality of the TNI and Polri needs to be prioritized in order to more easily embrace every element of society and create cooperation in maintaining the situation to remain conducive," said the President.

    "That way the society will be convinced that TNI and Polri are professional in performing their duties, especially the public confidence in the TNI is currently at the highest position," he concluded.

    Babinsa Increases Allowances

    President Jokowi paid great attention to the professionalism and welfare of the Babinsa members. Therefore, in this briefing, the President admitted he instructed the Minister of Finance to raise the Babinsa performance allowances a year ago. Starting this July, Babinsa Member allowances all over Indonesia were raised.

    Babinsa Type A get the allowances from Rp 104,000 per month to Rp 900,000 per month. While Babinsa Type B entries from Rp 440,000 per month to Rp 1,200,000 per month.

    "A year ago I ordered the Minister of Finance to separate the budget to raise Babinsa's performance," the president said.

    "The goal is that I know Babinsa is at the forefront and the leading position in maintaining security, sovereignty, and participating in maintaining order in the villages, which we know all about and we realize that this country is a very big country," he continued.

    TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said there were a total of 60,239 Babinsa Members across Indonesia. While, Babinsa members who were present in this briefing of 4,505 members, consisting of 4,335 members of Babinsa from Kodam Region III / Siliwangi and 70 other members from 14 Kodams from all over the country.

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