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    Inequality of the Rich and the Poor in West Java Classified Medium


    BANDUNG-One measure of inequality which Often used is Gini Ratio. Gini Ratio value ranges between 0-1. The higher the value of Gini Ratio, shows the higher inequality.

    In West Java Province, Gini Ratio has fluctuated in March 2015 - March 2018 period. In March 2015, Gini Ratio of 0.415 then increased to 0.426 in September 2015.

    In March - September 2016, the value of Gini Ratio decreased. In March 2017 it rose slightly to 0.403 and in September 2017 it declined to 0.393. Then in March 2018  increased to 0.407.

    By area of residence, the Gini Ratio in urban areas in March 2018 was recorded at 0.418. This number has increased when compared with the conditions of September 2017.

    For rural areas, Gini Ratio in March 2018 was recorded at 0.322. This number decreased by 0.004 points compared to the conditions in September 2017 which reached 0.326.

    "The value of Gini Ratio has increased from 0.393 to 0.407. However, if viewed by region, the value of Gini Ratio in urban areas that increased to 0.418 from 0.399 in the previous period, while in the rural areas actually there was a slight decrease from 0.326 to 0.322, "explained BPS Head Jabar Doddi Herlando at his office on Monday (16 / 7).

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