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    Number of Poor People in West Java Decrease


    BANDUNG-The number of poor people in West Java in March 2018 reached 3,615,79 thousand people (7.45 percent). There was a decline in the number of poor people around 159 thousand people compared to September 2017.

    Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java mentions that when compared with March last year, the number of poor people in West Java has a significant decline, which is about 553 thousand inhabitants.

    Based on the area of residence, in the period of September 2017 - March 2018, the number of poor people in urban and rural areas fell respectively by 63.36 thousand and 95.26 thousand inhabitants. The percentage of urban poverty fell from 6.76 percent to 6.47 percent.

    "The poor in rural areas dropped from 10.77 percent to 10.25 percent," explained BPS Head Jabar Dodi Herlando, Monday (16/7).

    The role of food commodities against the poverty line is still bigger than the role of non-food commodities. The contribution of the Food Poverty Line (GKM) to the Poverty Line (GK) was 71.49 percent for urban areas.

    While in rural areas amounted to 75.25 percent. In total the role of food commodity to GK is 72.48 percent. This figure increases if compared with September 2017 which amounted to 71.84 percent. jo.

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