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    Religious Affairs Ministry Releases Smart Hajj App 2018


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Religion RI (Kemenag) bring back digital-based services during this year's Hajj season. The latest version of Smart Hajj App is now available and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store.

    "Alhamdulillah, the application of Smart Haji can be downloaded," explained Director of Foreign Hajj Service Sri Ilham Lubis in his official statement in Bandung, Monday (16/7/2018).

    According to Sri Ilham, this app uses the image icon of Kabah with the words "HAJI PINTAR". A number of services are presented in this application, including information about the accommodation, transportation, and consumption that will be received by the congregation during the Saudi.

    "By entering the kloter number, for example JKG 01 for the congregation Jakarta-Pondok Gede embarkation, the congregation can already know where their hotel are, when they in Medina and Makkah," he explained.

    In addition, there are also flight schedule info, the weather in Saudi Arabia, Hajipedia ie information about Hajj and Umrah, as well as a number of tutorial videos on the use of infrastructure facilities that will be received by the congregation during the Holy Land.

    "This application also provides a complaint feature for the congregation departing this year, Hajj congregation can convey the problems found during the pilgrimage  with login access using his passport number. Sri hopes that this service can provide convenience to the congregation in accessing various information about the pilgrimage in 2018.

    For the congregation who have not departed, there are also estimates or estimates of departure, and congregation can check their estimated year of departure by entering the registration portion number," he concluded. (Even)

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