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    PLN Continues to Improve Electrification in West Java


    BANDUNG - President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basyir say the underprivileged community gets help free electric to connect program will get PLN power connection 450 Volt-Ampere (VA) with subsidized tariff and prepaid service system.

    "We continue to work hard for the fulfilment of needs electricity, especially households cannot afford who are struggling financially to be able to access electricity directly to PLN, "he said.

    According to Sofyan, with the synergy between SOEs already built and continue to get support from the government able to increase the electrification in West Java that moment this has reached more than 90 %.

    "Currently, the electrification ratio of West Java Province is recorded at level 96.51% with the number of families who have not been electrified recorded as many as 316,947 KK. In Tasikmalaya Regency own, electrification ratio recorded at level 92% with the number of registered households not registered as many as 28,977 KK, "he said.

    Meanwhile, Ibu Cici is one of the resident's recipients of electrical connecting assistance expressed his happiness over the SOE synergy program "Alhamdulillah I now have my own electricity, no longer ask neighbours, "he said.


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