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    Daily Implementer Governor Iriawan Asks IKM Products Export Areas


    BANDUNG-Daily Implementer of West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan encourages District and City in West Java to export Small and Medium Industry (IKM) products, especially food processed from fruit and vegetable. Iriawan said Jabar has a natural wealth can be utilized like fruits and vegetables potentially improving people's welfare. This seems at food diversity festival local standards that are held in the Trans Studio Mall page Bandung, Friday (13/0718), which was inaugurated directly by Iriawan.

    "West Java Nature is extraordinarily fertile and must be utilized and processed. Watermelon only has skin can be eaten now and Jam made from eggplant it very tasty and good packaging the availability of the material is propagated in order to export, " said Iriawan.

    For that Iriawan asked the entire head of the region respond to and maximize this potential. The businessmen of IKM should also be given the opportunity to make the product marketed more widely.

    "We ask Head of Industry and Trade of West Java (Kadis Indag Jabar) to immediately write Regency Town to respond and maximize excellence that exists and work together with entrepreneurs retail to be marketed nationally and also international, "he said.

    Fruit and vegetable processed festivals are held up to July 15, 2018, was attended by 300 participants from 27 districts and cities in West Java with excellent products each. Iriawan hoped diversification or the diversification of these products has an impact on profits which is increasing for IKM.

    "I want West Java to go forward with nature and fertility to be utilized as much as possible, " he hoped.

    In the same place, Daily Implementer Chairman of PKK Team Jabar Novita Ariyanti Iriawan said, West Java has the potential of diverse local raw materials. No only those based on flour and tubers, but rather also vegetables and fruit. This should certainly be optimized by improving the processing sector.

    "Therefore, PKK West Java Province will continue encouraging improved food processing based on vegetables and fruit. As well as through exhibition activities like this, of course also accompanied by coaching the food processing business actors, especially in the scope of family business scale, "said Novita.

    He hopes this festival will inspire especially mothers to innovate in processing vegetables and fruits at home. For business players also to be so drivers to develop food processing industry in their respective areas through local raw materials.

    Meanwhile, Head of Industry and Service West Java Provincial Trade Muhammad Arifin as organizers explained, in addition to improving the diversification of food products and their preparations with ingredients local standards, the festival is also to grow public awareness that by buying in products the country has helped boost the local economy.

    "We invite people to come here to support processed products that are not less good than the product modern, "said Arifin.

    On the occasion, Iriawan handed over the prize in the form of charter, certificate and coaching money for the perpetrator IKM with the best products judged by the judges.

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