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    Fishermen Will Establish Cooperative, Regional Secretary: Remember Amanah!


    BANDUNG-Fishermen Association of Indonesia (HNSI) initiate to establish their own cooperative, that is Consumer Cooperation Sundapa Jaya Perkasa. Regional Secretary West Java Province Iwa Karniwa who is also Chairman The Board of Trustees of HNSI West Java welcomed and advised that all administrators can prioritize trust.

    According to Iwa, based on indicators of success, the development of cooperatives in Indonesia many are
    less successful. Iwa said, it was caused by three things, namely the narrowness of the cooperative market, less professional managers of cooperatives, and most importantly because of the lack of trust cooperative management.

    "Whether you're offended or not, it's a reality that, " Iwa said while giving a welcome and directed on Rapim HNSI, at HNSI Secretariat West Java Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 197A Bandung, Friday (13/07/2018).

    Iwa describes the steps that can be done in order to succeed the cooperative, as it has been applied at Consumer Prosperity Praja Sejahtera West Java. Two among which is the selection and counselling manager to always trust, and increase trust all members of the cooperative through budget transparency with a technology-based integrated information system. Thus, trust is the key to successful development of cooperatives.

    Iwa hopes the HNSI cooperative board is ready to carry professionalism and trust, so he is convinced cooperatives this can be one of the increasing proponent's prosperity of fishermen of West Java.

    "We make sure that one can improve fishermen community in West Java one solution, that is through cooperatives. We can be bigger, just the problem we want not (to) Amanah? We want not (to) professional? We want not (to) use science? " Said Iwa.

    "If for example, the cooperative that we form is executed with no trust, then certainly this cooperative will fail! "he asserted.

    Chairman of DPD HNSI West Java Nandang Permana mention, the idea of an HNSI cooperative that has been designed since a year ago has got the green light from Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP). However, specifically, representatives of the CTF requested that the parties the provincial government of West Java immediately prepare training for fishermen, to hone skills and quality of performance of West Java fishermen.

    "That was delivered to me, please prepare training immediately, be it training or anything else. The budget of the CTF is immediate, and it must be known by The Regional Secretary," Nandang said.

    "HNSI please facilitate with related agencies such as Bappeda (Regional Development Planning Agency), DKP (Office of Marine and Fisheries), and Tourism Service," he continued.

    Nandang reported, the CTF has provided assistance-direct assistance to HNSI such as provision ships, nets, fishing nets and so on. Help this is expected to increase the income of fishermen can affect the progress of the cooperative.

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